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2407WFP, disassembly


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2407WFP, disassembly

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I have a 2407wfp that is out of warranty and has a faulty power button (no longer clicks - will not turn the monitor on). I want to open the case so I can take a look and possibly fix it myself. The only trouble I face is that there is no obvious way of opening it...

Anyone have an idea?


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  • Hi, I  have the same monitor, the power button on mine revolves!. It will only switch the monitior on when the symbol is veretical (ie the radial line is vertical). It is possible to revolve the button using a moist finger tip. I also would like to fix the button properly, if you find a way to open the monitor please let me know. By the way, do you have a driver to enable the internal card reader to read SCHC cards?

    Best regards, martin.

  • Unfortunately, Dell does not repair monitors, sell monitor components, or have disassembly documentation.  For advanced users with an out of warranty monitor, watch this.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for posting. I came back to the forum to post the exact same link!


  • Hi Chris, many thanks from me as well for the links to the "how to mend a power button etc". It has cured my rotating power button!. My only comment to anyone attempting to open the monitor is be careful not to press your knuckles into the lcd screen when prising off the bezel with your fingertips, I was forewarned by others so I was very careful.

    Best regards, Martin.

  • Thanks for this link. However, I discovered that you do NOT need your fingers, knuckles etc to remove the bezel. I took a plastic spatula, like you use for flipping pancakes and it easily slid under the black bezel from the outside away from the LCD. No touching of the LCD screen, no possible damage to the LCD or your fingers. Popped off perfectly with a simple spatula pry. I was very surprised just how easily it popped off with the plastic spatula. Prying the fingers underneath up against the LCD was not working for me.