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Dell u2711 displayport problem "entering power save mode"


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Dell u2711 displayport problem "entering power save mode"

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Problem started when I replaced the DVI cable with a Displayport cable (have a Sapphire 5670 card) many times the monitor would not start up after sleep mode, and now it hardly starts at all when power on the PC even from a cold state, I know for sure it`s not the cable or the PC, and it cant be the ATI drivers either as I dont even get the boot commands, it`s just black and says "entering power save mode" IF I get the PC to boot and pause at the dos commands before windows starts, and then turn off the monitor when in pause, it never starts up again, so the problem must be the sapphire graphic card or the Dell monitor, but how do I find out? I dont know anyone with a displayport monitor or video card to test with.

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  • I thought I had this problem fixed following advice earlier in the forum.  However, in the last few weeks it has reappeared.  It is OK on the DVI connection, display port is the problem.  The only way I can get the monitor to awaken on display port is to:

    1. pull the power plug out

    2. hold the on button to get a full discharge

    3. reconnect power.

    Not much of  a fix and really inconvenient when moving between workstations sharing the monitors.  Two screens were not cheap and supposedly top of the range.

    My business no longer purchases Dell products.

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  • no answers?

    Is this normal for the Dell u2711 displayport? Does anyone else have this problem?

    Try this

    Restart the PC

    Press pause directly when the first dos commands show up on screen, or just go inside the motherboard bios, it`s the same, it dont matter

    Turn off the monitor for 20 sec

    Start the monitor again

    Is the screen blanc and says "entering power save mode" ???


    (I only have the displayport cable connected from the graphic card)


  • Hi Klas Bell,

    When the monitor says its going into power saving mode it mostly does so because it doesn't receive a signal from the video card.

    Didn't you get a message "No signal" before it said "Going into power saving mode"?

    I received these two messages when I started up the first time with the monitor connected.

    There was also a flatscreen TV connected to the card and for some reason the card saw the flatscreen, which was turned off, as the default monitor and sent the signal to it..

    As long as Windows isn't started (when in DOS mode) the signal goes to both monitors, when the control center is loaded it chooses the "Default monitor" and cuts the signal to the other one.

    Both my connections were over DVI not Displayport, but if there comes no signal that doesn't matter.

    Couldn't it be that your signal is redirected to another port due to a preference set in the the control center?

  • Klas Bell,

    DP Wakeup Issues
    * I am seeing these issues on Ati, Nvidia, Windows, Linux, Desktops, Laptops, and non-Dell monitors with DP
    * If you allow the monitor to go into any Sleep state, you disable the monitor audio. The monitor has to be cycled off/on to relink the DP audio to the PC sound system
    * If you allow the monitor to go into any Sleep state, the PC video card releases the link to the monitor DisplayPort. Possible workarounds
    - While the PC and monitor are on, disconnect/reconnect the DP cable from either end
    - Disconnect/reconnect the monitor power cord from the back of the monitor

  • I only have the displayport cable connected to graphic card, so it cant be "redirected to another port" problem, and this problem is only with displayport, not with DVI.

    There is no "no signal" message before entering power save mode, and of course I have disabled all the powersave mode in windows, but that should not matter anyway since I get this problem in DOS mode also.




    "I am seeing these issues on Ati, Nvidia, Windows, Linux, Desktops, Laptops, and non-Dell monitors with DP"

    Pretty much everywhere then! does anyone don`t have this problem!!!

    And nobody knows what the problem is???

  • YES!!


    I have this exact problem, and found this thread from googling.


    I have the U2711 and ATI 5970 and this has started happening fairly recently.  It used to snap out of it however it doesn't any more.  Damn annoying frankly.  I also use the display port connecttion for the U711 as the other 2 outputs go to different screens.

    It may well be updated ATI CCC that has borked this, I know I recently upgraded that, but I don't want to downgrade the drivers just because the monitor is badly designed.

    Really unimpressed with this, you don't go buy a nearly £1000 monitor just to have it play up with silly things like this.

  • So two users with non-Dell PCs and retail Ati video cards with the same issue. The only other report of this is on the Dell Studio XPS 1640 DP (Display Port). On that one, we did not have a fix and the customer had to use DVI.

    Klas Bell Radeon HD5670
    Festisio Radeon HD5970

    What version of the Ati driver are you both using?

  • I seem to have a similar issue with a U2410 monitor--connecting Lenovo T410 with Intel GMA-HD (Core i5) video. VGA works OK (no DVI on laptop) but monitor goes into power same immediately when connected via displayport. Ironically, it detects 'no cable' and powers UP when disconnected. Windows 7 detects and identifies the monitor. Driver shows 'DP' or 'Analog' correctly. I've tried mirroring desktops, extending, etc, no change.

    Am going to try finding DP->DVI converter to see if it's at the monitor or the laptop end.


  • I have tried 10.6 and 10.7 ati drivers

  • Just got two new U2711's (from to use on a month old Area-51 with an ATI 4870.  Decided to use DP on both these (dual U2711 setup).

    Unboxed and connected with DVI --> DP cables.  Turned on Area-51, no video.  Tried one monitor at a video.

    I then tried using the old DVI cables and a DVI --> DP pigtail adapter that came from Dell (comes with Latitude Z600).

    Still, no video.  Finally, I decided to try DVI --> DVI and both monitors worked correctly.


    Apparently, there is a MAJOR problem with the DP ports on the U2711 monitors.

    How do we get this fixed????

  • Also, obviously, it is not a driver issue as there is no video from the moment the computer is turned on.

    No post screen, no nothing.  I've tried power cycling the monitors, changing the inputs back and forth, still no video.

    Those DP ports just don't work.

  • I managed to find a DisplayPort to DVI converter, and I can get video from the laptop this way, using the DVI in on the monitor. Problem only occurs when connecting directly between U2410 and Thinkpad.  (through the DisplayPort cable that ships with the monitor)


  • It`s impossible to use the Dell u2711 monitor with Displayport cable, I am really hoping that Dell are trying to find a solution to this problem!

  • Hi,

    I just received 2 DELL U2711 monitors and of course I wanted to use them right away.

    Out goes the old DELL 21" screen, in goes the U2711....POWER SAVE MODE...done ????

    ok trying second screen on other port....POWER SAFE MODE ...done....

    System i7 processor Windows 7
    Video card Radeon 5850

    ALL Drivers updated.

    Power managment set to sleep : never

    So old monitors DID and still do U2711's with DP connection don't.

    Sound familiar ?

    Please advise.






  • Hi,

    I have been having the same problem as well ... Eventually i gave up even trying to use the Displayport and got a second card instead to run the third monitor.

    That worked for a few weeks, but yesterday the same problem started occuring on the primary DVI port. The computer starts to boot up then the display switches off.

    It seems to me the solution would be an option in the menu to turn off the power saving all together .. Surely that can't be so hard.

    I love this monitor, but so far i'd be hard pressed to recommend it to anyone.


    Currently running 1 x Dell  U2711 & 2 x Samsung BF730's on a pair of MSI R5870 Lighting Graphics cards.




  • I'm another user with a non-Dell PC and an ATI card having problems. Most of the problems listed in this thread in fact. Except:

    1. Sometimes the monitor will come out of Power Save mode when I move the mouse, particularly if it hasn't been long since it went into Power Save.

    2. When it does work, it takes a long time to come out of Power Save mode. Longer, in fact, than it takes my PC to resume from Sleep mode. (Yes, I use the power save features in Windows to have the PC go to sleep.)

    3. In order to bring the monitor out of Power Save mode, all I have to do is power down the monitor then power it up again. Changing source doesn't work, but I don't need to unplug the Displayport cable. When I power the monitor down and up again it always has the "Displayport Link Failure" message on screen. Based on the resizing of any open windows at the time, the monitor has been set to 1024x768 resolution either when it goes into Power Save mode, or when I power it down and up again. I think it is when the monitor goes into Power Save mode, because if I wait for the monitor to blank out based on my Windows settings, then immediately power down the monitor and turn it back on, open windows are not resized. When the monitor comes back on after a power down/up, it comes up in the correct resolution, 2560x1600.

    So, Displayport is supposed to be the port of choice in the future, with DVI left with no further development, leaving only HDMI as a viable alternative for the future. So what progress, if any, is being made with this problem? Is anyone even working on it?

    System specs:
    Intel i7 960 based PC with 6GB on memory
    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5 Rev 1.0 motherboard. (LGA1366)
    SSD boot drive, WD Green 2TB standard plater data drive
    Sapphire HD5870 Vapor-X 1GB video card
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit