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PowerNap software is trashing my PC (monitor Dell G2410)


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PowerNap software is trashing my PC (monitor Dell G2410)

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PowerNap sotware is making unnecessary log files in folder “C:\Program Files\Dell\PowerNap”.
Every two seconds file “PowerNapWatcherLog.log” augments 3 records.
2010-02-13 21:05:33,579 [1980] DEBUG PowerNap.Logging [(null)] - ScreenSaver Detector - Looping
2010-02-13 21:05:33,579 [1980] DEBUG PowerNap.Logging [(null)] - status - True:0
2010-02-13 21:05:33,579 [1980] DEBUG PowerNap.Logging [(null)] - ScreenSaver timing - 900

Then file “PowerNapWatcherLog.log” rises 101KB, it renamed and rotate files to 
and so on.

Hey, PowerNap programmers. That the bloatware you make?
Program does _only_ one function – dims monitor.
But for that in RAM sits 5 resident programs:
PowerNap Service.exe

"Dell PowerNap" for monitor Dell G2410
Release Date: 2/20/2009
Version: A00-00
on Windows XP Pro.

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  • How is this trashing the PC? Is it causing operating system errors?

  • No errors, just periodic (every 2 seconds) stuck/lag/freeze in 3D high recources games and real-time video decoding/processing programs.

  • Then I would disable it while running those applications.

  • How to disable use LOG files, when PowerNap is running?
    How to disable creating/appending/rotating "PowerNapWatcherLog.log" and "PowerNapWatcherLog.log.X" files?

  • You cannot. I meant disable the PowerNap completely by removing the check.

  • Are You sure?
    In the file
    “C:\Program Files\Dell\PowerNap\PowerNap.exe.config” 
    I found interesting parameters, for example:
       <log4net debug="true">
      <logger name="PowerNap.Logging">
      <level value="INFO" />
    And so on.
    Maybe somewhere in config files (or in Windows registry) I can specify "Log=False" or "Log=0" or "Log=None" or ...?

  • up.

  • I am not sure what your asking. They will not re-write the software if that is your intent.

  • No, don't  rewrite software.
    I mean, if program has any secret parameters in ini/config files (or in Windows registry),
    announce that here, please.
    Maybe I will adapt that for my needs. Thanks.

  • They would not tell me. Since your apt at this, why not save a master and play around with edited copies?

  • It seems that this software uses an open source logging library, log4net.

    For log4net, you can try level values of: ALL DEBUG INFO WARN ERROR FATAL OFF, in decreasing of verbosity of logging.

    Depending on how the software is written, the changes may be on-the-fly, or you may need to restart it.

    It has been 2 years, so my answer may not be relevant anymore.

  • I use my laptop every day for work. I just got a Dell monitor (P2412H) two weeks ago (new) and installed the power nap.  In the past two weeks, I have had 3 blue screens - I never get blue screens. I am going to delete the power nap program, major FAIL!

    Below is the error (partial, as I didn't want to type it all out)

    A process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated.

    Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed.

    Stop: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA8009CA5060, 0xFFFFFA8009CA5340, ........)

    Collecting data for crash dump...

    Initializing disk for crash dump...

    Physical memory dump FAILED with status 0xc0000010


  • this power-nap software is causing trouble also on my computer. It keeps the CPU load at about 30% in idle state of the machine. Power Nap seems to be also connected to the display driver of the additional display that I use on my laptop. It is not clear yet to me, if disabling completely the power nap, I will still have all the necessary drivers and settings for the external display. (my laptop: dell latitude D820 / windows xp / nvidia quadro 110M)

    @ CK: it could be that you get the blue screens because of some problems with the graphics card of your laptop. Sometimes, if the card is over-stressed (eg. by a driver that requires too much from it...) it could produce those blue screens. I had this on my old Dell D820.

  • Oh yes, I had the same problem, and uninstalled PowerNap.

    Whatever energy savings that come from PowerNap are more than made up for by the extra energy to use this CPU and memory hog.  It's constantly writing useless log files to the disk, keeping it from spinning down.  On a desktop this might not be a big deal, but on a laptop or older computer is is a real drag.

    Don't use PowerNap!