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U2410 shows "No display port cable" when computer sleeps


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U2410 shows "No display port cable" when computer sleeps

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The above happends when the computer enter sleep mode. The message will stay(move around) and the screen uses full power consumption while the computer is at sleep.

The monitor is connected to a Lenovo X200 docking station using a Display port cable.

Any idea how the power consumption can be reduced?





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  • Other than turning it off, no. When the PC correctly goes into Sleep Mode, the monitor should say "Entering Power Save Mode". But, if the PC incorrectly stops sending a signal through the monitor cable, the monitor will say, "No Cable".

  • hmm. I never had this problem with other monitors. Is it not normal that a monitor will go into standby/sleep after a while, if no input is connected?

    Automatic hibernate on a PC is often used to save energy. In that case no signal would be on the monitor cable. Is the U2410 then supposed consume full power?



  • The manual <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> states, "If VGA or DVI-D or DisplayPort or HDMI input is selected and all VGA and DVI-D and DisplayPort and HDMI cables are not connected, a floating dialog box as shown below appears.

    No DisplayPort Cable

    This tells me that the monitor is not reading that the PC is in Sleep Mode and thinks it is disconnected. Can you test DisplayPort without the Docking Bay?

  • No, as the X200 only have an analog output itselt.

    If I use the analog VGA input (VGA is selected on the monitor), the monitor will go to power safe mode, if the cable is manually disconnected or if the computer sleeps or hibernates.

    Using the Display port (DisplayPort is selected on the monitor), the text "Entering power safe mode" will shortly appear, when the computer enter sleep mode or hibernates. Next the text "No DisplayPort cable" will appear.

    So I can save power using the analog input (which is no option), but not using the DisplayPort (and properly not any of the other digital input, if the computer is hibernated).





  • Forgot to add that the analog VGA cable must be disconnected at the computer end. If it is disconnected at the monitor, the text "No VGA cable" will appear.

    I am using the DisplayPort cable that came with the U2410.


  • I have the same issue when x200 connect to U2713H with DP. while it is fine previous with U2711H. I can confirm U2713H works with x220. now it border me a lot, I have to keep old U2711H, or replace x200 with other computer.