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U2410 colors yellow - Photoshop CS4 reports "Monitor Profile 'Dell U2410' appears to be defective"


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U2410 colors yellow - Photoshop CS4 reports "Monitor Profile 'Dell U2410' appears to be defective"

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I recently purchased a U2410 - which I love.  It gives me excellent color range and fidelity.

However, when I start Photoshop I get the message in the subject line.  If I select the option to "use anyway" I get an image with a starkly yellow tint - as I do in ANY app that uses the profile.

The U2410 comes with a great quantitative report on the color fidelity of this individual monitor as tested by hardware.  I really want to have the proper Monitor Profile, which I'm certainly not equipped to provide.

Anybody else have trouble with their profile?   Will I have to return the unit? 

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  • I am having the same issue, problem occurs in Photoshop with the warning. Also Windows Photo Viewer without a warning.

  • I have emailed this to engineering. What operating system are you both running?

  • Chris,

    thank you.

    I was on Windows Vista-64 till this week - now on Windows 7.  Same issue and symptoms on both.


  • Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit)

  • Just for the record, I have the same problem with my new U2410 so will be interested to hear advice from engineering.

    OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit Version 6.1 Build 7600

    Graphics Card:  ATI Radeon HD 5850

    Photoshop version: CS4


  • David, Peter -

    I had the same issues with my U2410 on Vista 32 bit.  The same Photoshop message and also a weird green tint in Photo Gallery/Viewer (not the green/pink tint issue others are reporting, this one was only in the Windows Photo Gallery area and it's a uniform tint).

    What solved it for me was calibration using a Spyder 3 Pro.  The Spyder software created a new .icm profile after calibration.  This fixed both the Photoshop issue and also the Photo Gallery/Viewer problem.  Everything looks perfect now.  I'm using the Adobe RGB preset mode (calibrated).

    So, I don't think any of you have an issue with the monitor, it is likely the profile you have loaded under Windows Color Management that is causing the issue.

    You will need to associate a proper profile for this monitor under Windows Color Managemant (Display Settings>Advanced>Color Management).

    I'm not sure how to generate a profile without calibration software, however.

    Now, if only Dell will release that new firmware for the dithering in RGB modes...*fingers crossed*...Confused

    Good luck!


  • Chris,

    thank you for your suggestions.

    Though that solution may have worked for you, it doesn't for me.

    First, the wonderful hardware calibration report I got with the monitor means little if it doesn't map into a valid profile.  And the profile I'm using is the U2410 profile I got with the monitor.   The expensive, world-class U2410.  Which it is :)

    Second, I don't have calibration hardware... I'm counting on their profile.

    I can't imagine Dell continuing ship the U2410 with a broken color profile... which it seems some are - like mine.  I'd be satisfied to download a valid one from Dell.

    I'd brag if they could make a custom profile for each monitor serial available (hint hint). 



  • TFT Central has an ICC profile you could try...


  • ICC profiles on tftcentral.co.uk - only include sRGB and standard mode. Adobe RGB is not included.

    Im having the same issues with Dell U2410 and Photoshop CS3 (windows xp 32bit): Monitor profile "Dell U2410" appears to be defective. I've managed to solve the white color problem (white was properly displayed in other applications, but in photoshop it was green), reseting Photoshop settings (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT) solved that.

    Yet, monitor profile appears to be defective is still present while opening photoshop. I would appreciate some feedback on new icc profile from Dell?

  • I took delivery of a Dell U2410 today and I'm having the same problem with Photoshop CS4, on starting I get the message: Monitor profile "Dell U2410" appears to be defective

    windows xp pro 32bit

  • I've having the same problem too.


    Windows XP 32-bit

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 V11.0.1


    The only way I could get my colors back to normal was to kill the DELL_2410.icm file from


  • I found a "AdobeRGB1998.icc" file in that same folder above.  It was copyrighted Adobe 2000.  I've assigned it to my monitor (I'm using AdobeRGB mode on my monitors), and everything still looks correct in Photoshop.  I don't know if using it helps or not, but thought I'd mention it for those who might want to test.

  • Never mind about using Adobe's ICC file.  I was able to open up the Dell ICM file on my mac (OS X 10.6.2) and found that it stores different values then what the Adobe ICC file holds. The program that comes with the mac was also able to verify the file and mentioned that the part that was broken was the description field.  I had it repair the file (This was actually an option!), moved it back to the PC, associated it with my monitor, but Photoshop still complained that the file was defective and the colors were still out of sync.  Note that I made certain to rename my "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Adobe Photoshop CS4 Settings" folder before running Photoshop to make certain Photoshop started up with defaults.  Also note that holding CTRL-ALT-SHIFT and resetting my defaults made no difference either.  My guess is the previous poster who mentioned this trick accidentally clicked "Ignore" when the profile error occurred instead of "Use anyway".

  • So thats:

    David Cheney







    reporting the problem - across CS3 and CS4, Windows XP and 7, and 32 and 64bit.  

    Better squash this bug quick!


    While we're at it, I have never .. ever .. seen red saturation like I do with this monitor, and I think that is a BIG compliment!  AND a very important reason I need a working, valid profile.



  • Just sent all your data off. I doubt we will hear anything until after the holiday.