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Monitor flashes on boot up then goes blank


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Monitor flashes on boot up then goes blank

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When I turn on my monitor (E176FPf), it will flash the windows logo then go dark.  I have tried the self-test, but again it just briefly flashes the self-test screen then goes black.  What do I do?  Monitor is only 2 years old nd has never been dropped or subjected to any abuse.  I have also tried different cords, unplugging, etc



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  • Get it replaced. If you only have a monitor order number, you should contact Customer Service. If your monitor was purchased tied to a Dell PC, contact Technical Support. They will need the following -
    Email Address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Monitor Order number or PC Service Tag number if purchased with a PC:
    Monitor 20 digit PPID number found on the back on a label or on the slider card on the left rear:
    Reason: Fails Self-Test Feature Check