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How do I get USB ports to work on my 1703FPt monitor?


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How do I get USB ports to work on my 1703FPt monitor?

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I have had this monitor for years, but have never used the USB ports.   Now I want to use one for my wireless desktop, but the USB ports don't seem to work.  Do i need to connect some cable or other from the monitor to the desktop to activate the USB ports?

Sorry for my lack of expertise, probably not saying the right thing, but just trying to get the USB ports to work on this monitor.


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  • You do need to connect the "B" port (the square one) to a USB port on the computer's "A" port (the rectangular one).  Then the USB hub on the monitor will function.

    The monitor should have come with a USB cable - if it didn't you just need a standard A to B cable (you can buy them from for about $2 or Best Buy for $30+).


  • Not sure what you mean by wireless desktop, but you probably can't use the monitors ports. You cannot use the monitor ports for any crucial or high power drawing devices. The ports are only good for low powered items like a camera or a card reader that are used only occasionally. Yes you do need a usb cable connected to the monitor usb connector and the back of a desktop computer or the ports on the monitor won't work, The monitor is a usb hub so it needs to be powered by the computer. You have to turn the monitor upside down to see where the usb connector is located. See the manual illustration HERE. <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

  • Thanks very much.  By wireless desktop I meant wireless mouse and keyboard, called Microsoft wireless desktop 3000.  It has a transmitter that plugs into a USB port and would be easiest if I could use the USB ports on the monitor.   The other USB ports on my somewhat old Dell desktop are not very convenient.

    Can I use these ports for a wireless mouse/keyboard?

    Can you tell me exactly what type of usb cable to use in order to activate the USB ports on the monitor?  I couldn't tell which one it plugged into on the monitor.  



  • Thanks, you answered the question I just asked Mary!   I see I need an A to B cable.

    But I'm not sure I can use these usb ports for a wireless mouse transmitter?  Mary indicated that they can only be used for occasionally used / low power items.


    Thanks again.


  • The wireless mouse transmitter should be plugged into a USB port on the computer, not the monitor.

  • Yikes, I just went to Radio Shack and the A to B cables were $30 - 40!!  Didn't buy.

  • Here is one for $9.99.