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Monitor serial number


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Monitor serial number

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I've just purchased  2209WA monitor which is amazing, far better than anything I have seen elsewhere. 

I bought it via a top online UK retailer who tells me first 12 months warranty is with them and the remaining two years with Dell themselves.

I need to register the monitor for warranty with Dell, but there is no label on the monitor at all.  Normally there is one with model and serial number, but not this one...nothing, zilch...

Tried to access help vial Dell website but without a Tag/service code or serial number, I cannot even begin.

I rang support quoting the number printed on the box under the barcode which looks like a serial number, but they could not trace it.

I'm worried if something was to go wrong in the future, I may not be able to get support without a serial number which I dont have.

Any ideas please folks ???



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  • LJP07,

    There must be a 20 digit PPID number on the label to verify the manufacture date. Also, we would need the sellers Dell order number.

  • Hi Chris   Computer

    Thanks for your post on my topic

    The monitor itself has no labels at all ...checked everywhere and nothing which is most unusual for a new product.

    Allowed Dell website to scan my hardware and report the  Service Tag and Express code, which the system then failed to recognise.

    Telephone support tell me the Tag and Express codes generated are invalid and wrong format.

    The box has a barcode and 20 digit alpha-numeric code printed in the format  (numbers with held for security)

    CN - ****** - ***** - *** -****

    Dell UK support could find no record of this number on their database, and thats the only numbers I have.  Could it be because I only purchased two days ago?

    The monitor is incredible...not a single dead or stuck pixel,  but I'm worried about future support if needed.


  • The 20 digit alpha-numeric code is the PPID number. What is it?

  • Hi Chris

    Hope its safe to post this here..

    The barcode label on the box has the following codes

    DP /N OH735H

    (then long barcode)

    CN -OH735H -72872 -96H -16GL

    (then a short barcode followed by OH735H)

    REV A01

    Hope this is what you need as its all there is  ...


  • Copy this information down. If you ever need service, UK Customer Care will need it to verify the age of the monitor and its warranty. You won't get a Dell order number attached to your name until a service is needed.

    PPID Serial: CN0H735H7287296H16GL
    Manf Date: June 17, 2009 
    Part Number: H735H
    Description: 2209WA
    Age ~ 2.1 Mths -or- 64 Days old

  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for your efforts there - I can see you have been really busy on this one

    I've printed a few copies of your email information for safe keeping just in case I ever need support or service,.Whats really weird is I gave this number to UK support by phone  just this morning and there was no record of it on their database or system.

    Access to most of the UK site is denied without either a Service Tag or Express Service code, which incidentally I still dont have so cannot easily contact Dell UK online if problems should arise.




  • You would have to call

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>


  • Slide out the plastic card from behind the usb ports on the side.  All the information is there.