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Help with finding model of Dell Monitor


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Help with finding model of Dell Monitor

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I purchased a dell wide screen monitor in 2007.  The only numbers I can see on it right under the electric plug  are CN0GP004-72872-7CD16YS  

The other information is in another language.  It is a wide screen, at least 20" has two usb ports on the left side of the screen and has another type of connection (sort of looks like a parallel port but wider)  in the back other than the regular usb connection to my computer.  It also has two other usb ports in the back one other connection, I have no idea what it is. You can position this screen up or down or even turn it so it views long ways.and it pops onto a stand that is silver and is shaped like a V .

I can't find any other numbers except for Dell Monitor. I tried to look up my customer purchases but couldn't find it that way either. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.





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  • If it is still working, the menu button on the monitor will tell you the model. It sounds a lot like my 19" #1907 FP. I don't think there were many 20" monitors in 2007. You should say why you need the model number. Maybe someone can help with a problem.

  • Yes it still works.  Your probably right about the 19".   I went to know because I want to see how I can use the usb ports.  Probably needs to be connected differently

    Ok I went into the menu and looked at display settings, display info and it did show me.  It's a 1908WFP

    You fixed it.  Thank you so much.  :-)





  • It doesn't need to be connected differently, just connected. The monitor is not connect by usb. It's connected by the video cable. The usb is for the ports on the monitor. Best to connect that usb cable to the back usb ports on the computer since those are the best powered ones. Do not connect anything crucial to the usb ports on the monitor--no keyboard or mouse, no boot crucial hardware should be connected there. They belong on the back ports too. I use them for camera, web cam, card reader, etc.

  • Mine is connected via the parallel I think, not sure.  I'll have to pull it out and check the connection and then find the cables for it.  Thank you so much for the information. 

    I appreciate all your help.





  • The video ports kind of look like parallel ports, but they are not. They are DVI and VGA--digital and analog--video connections. Parallel ports are the old pre-usb connection for printers. You can't find them on computers any more. Everything you need to connect your monitor came in the box--2 video cables, maybe an adapter and a usb cable. That's all you need and it sounds like you are already set up properly.

  • I have an older computer.  It's using a parallel connction now.  I don't think I have a DVI connection.   But I'll look on my graphics card and see.  I guess I can just connect via usb.

    Thanks again.