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E171FPb, driver?


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E171FPb, driver?

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Help - I cannot locate the driver for video controller (VGA compatible) for monitor E171FPb on Dell web site.    

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  • mikerr33,


  • Chris M,

    I know this is an old post, but I have a Vostro with a Dell e171fpb monitor and all of a sudden, in 1280x1024 resolution, the bottom and right sides of the screen are not visible (would require scrolling if possible).  The only way to see the full screen is in 800x600 mode.

    I'm guessing that some service might be turned off.  The Vostro is not in Safe Mode;  for example, the visual styles on windows and buttons are in effect, e.g., the start button is green with the windows logo.

    So I went looking for the driver for the monitor first and found this thread.  Your link shows two lists and nowhere on either list is a driver for a monitor.

    Any help would be appreciated!  Hope this finds you well!

  • You will need to download it from the old FTP site =

    You should also reinstall the Vostro chipset and video drivers.