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Drivers for 2001FP for VISTA or Windows 7


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Drivers for 2001FP for VISTA or Windows 7

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Has anyone  found 2001FP a driver solution for Vista or Windows 7?  They are not on the the Dell driver site.  

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  • that is an old monitor so I would highly doubt that any drivers will ever be developed. Are you haveing a particular problem as the generic PNP drivers should work ok

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  • All,

    Windows 7 or Vista drivers will only be delivered for certain performance monitors manufactured after June, 2007. Any monitor manufactured before this date will not get a Windows 7 or Vista driver. Windows 7 or Vista will load its generic PNP driver for the monitor.

  • Too bad.  My monitor looked a great deal better on my XP machine than it does on my 7 machine.  And the graphics card is much better on the newer machine.  Why can't we get better performance from this monitor on newer machines and OSs?

  • Arg. I can't get decent display or screen resolution using the Windows 7 drivers. What a waste. The monitor is working fine (except for the driver!). Its a shame to throw it out!

  • Not only is it an issue for good graphic display, it also prevents the multiple monitor functionality from working in Windows 7.

    I have a Intel graphics card with the latest drivers but it will not recognize 2 monitors for dual display.

    When windows first starts up both displays show the startup information however as soon as the display drivers are loaded into the OS only a single display becomes active and the other goes blank.

    I tried the same system with newer monitors and the dual display works no problems. 

    If the primary display is a newer one the second display can be an older one and is still recognized for dual display but it will not work with 2 older monitors.

    Dell where is the customer support?  This feels like an accountants decision on how to cut costs and raise profits. 

    I did not have this problem with my LG monitors.   Does that mean Dell is not really interested in being in the monitor market?

  • "Does that mean Dell is not really interested in being in the monitor market?"

    Of course we are. Have you seen how many different models we are currenty selling? But the marketing and sustaining engineering decided we are not going to write new OS drivers for older monitors.

  • I apologise for getting frustrated.  I spent 5 hours yesterday trying to resolve this and another 5 hours today.  The drivers for the monitor work with Windows 7 for basic desktop use.   I do not see any problems with the driver under Windows 7.  This is not a Dell issue.  I apologise.

    The problem I had was with Windows 7 and roaming profiles in a Windows Server 2003 network.  The roaming profiles don't automatically work and the settings for the display were not carried over to the user under Windows 7.  At least that's what seemed to be the problem.

    What I thought was a driver issue was not and thus my issue is not the same as the original posters however, for others faced with my problem I will explain my solution.   The problem I was having was dual monitor displays not working on a Windows 7 machine where the user had a roaming profile and was moving from an XP machine to a Windows 7 machine.  

    I fixed this by granting the user admin rights on the user machine, and admin rights for the domain and then logging them in on the user machine.  This allowed the user to create a profile under the Window 7 OS with the same user ID.  Then I logged the user out.  On the server I could see a new profile created <user name>.v2.  This was directly below the old profile of just <user name>.  Windows 2000/xp profiles do not seem to be compatible with a windows Vista/7 profiles.   I then copied the users files and all directories from the old profile to the new one and made sure the user had admin rights on all files and folders under their profile.  (This user had 4.5 gigs of data in their profile but that is another issue I will deal with.  I mention this only because some postings indicated a large profile can also cause issues but in this case it was not the profile size.)  (There were other potential solutions for this as well related to adding a back slash at the end of the user profile directory that is specified in the Active Directory set up of a new user however I did not pursue that this time for this solution.  Maybe the next user I will experiment in that direction.)

    Hopefully Dell Support people can now investigate this further and provide better answers to users in the future.