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Monitor won't wake up - Displayport - ATI Radeon 3470


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Monitor won't wake up - Displayport - ATI Radeon 3470

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After my computer goes to sleep, I can't get the monitor to wake up again about 80% of the time. I just have to do a hard reset.

I can connect via remote desktop without any problem.

I have tried pressing keys on the keyboard and moving the mouse to no avail. If I turn the screen off and on, it just says 'entering power saving mode'.


OPTIPLEX 960 MT - Bios version 3
256MB ATI Radeon 3470 PCIe

I tend to think that it is DisplayPort related. I never had this issue before using other computer-monitor combinations and DVI.

I tried installing the newest BIOS on the computer and installing the newest ATI driver. No change.

Any ideas?

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  • Early revisions of the 2408WFP had trouble recovering from sleep state with some graphics cards. This issue was due to a delay setting in the firmware. This delay setting has been changed from 150 ms to 250 ms to resolve this issue. What revision do you have?

  • I have Rev. A01. That would seem to be the first one. Is there a fix? Can we change the delay ourselves through the menu? Is there a firmware update available? Is it even possible to update the firmware of a monitor?

    May I hope for a response within a month this time?

  • I have Rev. A01. That would seem to be the first one. Is there a fix?
    * Get it exchanged.
    Can we change the delay ourselves through the menu?
    * No.

    Is there a firmware update available?
    * No.

    Is it even possible to update the firmware of a monitor?
    * No.

    May I hope for a response within a month this time?
    * Nice.

  • I'm having the same/similar symptoms on my new Optiplex 960 with DisplayPort video, but I'm using a HP LP2475w monitor.

    If the machine sits idle for a while, sometimes the display will not wake up (i.e. No Signal).  Plugging the DP cable in and out will not wake it up either.  I recently tried setting the "Put computer to sleep" to "never", but that did not fix the problem.

    In one instance the power button wouldn't even respond, and I had to unplug the power cord to reset the machine.  Another odd symptom is that the hard drive light will stop flashing, whereas it typically flashes intermittently when the computer is idle.

    All of this makes me think that there is a problem with the computer's power management, not the LCD display.


  • steve_mcc

    I'm having the same/similar symptoms on my new Optiplex 960 with DisplayPort video, but I'm using a HP LP2475w monitor.

    Note that I have integrated Intel video, not a card.

    I did find an interesting error using the boot Diagnostics:

    5300:021C  VIDEO -- detected a problem with retrace status

    The error only occurs with the DisplayPort output; all the tests pass if I use VGA.

    However, I also discovered several HP advisories on the LP2475w warning that the monitor may not recognize DisplayPort video in some circumstances.  Therefore I now think that the LP2475w is the likely root of my problems.

    It's a very annoying problem -- hard to reproduce, with a basket of symptoms that don't seem to occur together consistently.


  • I'm making some progress.  Now I think it may be a video driver problem.  For anyone with similar symptoms, see:

  • I have a 2408WFP revison A02 and still have this same issue. My graphics card is ATI Radeon 9550. I am using two monitors the monitor connected to the VGA port wakes like normal only the 2408WFP (DVI) stays asleep. I worked around the issue temporarily by keying a hot key to switch displays it worked 60% of the time waking the 2408wfp. It seems to be an ATI problem. Your thoughts Chris?

  • All of these Powersave/wake issues seem to derive from the video card driver or the card itself. Some cards work while others do not. My advice is to use these links to load the latest video card driver. If the video cards are non-Dell, then contact the manufacturers website and look for flash bios updates.

    Ati Driver Instructions

    Nvidia Driver Instructions

    Some Ati video card users have had success using the Ati Tray Tools -
    * Install ATI Tray Tools and see if a Hot Key combination will wake it up
    * Menu- Hot Keys- Enable Hot Keys (make sure it is checked)
    * Menu- Hot Keys- Customize
    * Add new Hot Key
    * Miscellaneous- Reload display driver
    * Assign a Hot Key (I used ALT + T) - Ok
    * Now, every time your monitor goes into power save mode you can revive it by pressing ALT + T (you can use any keys you want of course). This also works if you have completely powered off your 2408WFP with the button on the monitor

  • I am experiencing very similar behaviour with the following configuration:

    OPTIPLEX 960 MT - Bios version 4
    256MB ATI Radeon 3470 PCIe
    Dell U2410 (great monitor by the way!)
    DisplayPort or DVI via DP-DVI cable

    In the beginning the problem also occurred 80% of the time.

    I have updated the ATI drivers to 9.8 and unchecked "require password when leaving sleep mode" . Since then, it has dropped to 10% of the time. Still too much ...

    Defining a shortcut key in Catalyst Control Center does not help.  I tried with "restore optimal settings" and "swap displays". However none of these has any effect once the monitor refuses to wake up. I still have to try with ATI traytools and "reload driver"


    Now some things that may be helpful for other people:

    1) My workaround is to press the power button to let the PC go to sleep again. Then wake it up again and most of the time, the monitor will wake up the second time. Costs a lot of time, though.

    2) Once, after trying the "restore optimal settings" shortcut (without success), followed by the resleep - rewake procedure, I saw an ATI error message saying:

    "The system has detected a link failure and cannot set the requested resolution and refresh rate on your DisplayPortTM display. Your display might not support the requested resolution or there may be an issue with the cable connecting the display to your computer."


    This might be an indication of the cause of the trouble. ATI card malfunction? Still bad drivers? I doubt this could really be a cable issue...



  • Update:

    My system (Dell Optiplex 960 with Vista 32 business, ATI Radeon HD 4370) has worked stable for a week or so, but this morning again refused to come out of sleep (hibernate). At least, the monitor stayed black. The mouse was on as well as the keyboard light, and the HD activity LED indicated there was some haddrive activity.

    I tried the trick with the shortcut I had defined in ATI TrayTools to reload the driver (I use ctrl-alt-shift-R), but nothing seemed to happen. I tried as before to send the PC to sleep again (which seemed to work: after a few seconds the HD shut down and the power light started flashing slowly) and then revive it again, but again the screen didn't come on.  Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R had again no effect. I repeated this procedure several times but was unable to wake the PC. In the end I had to turn it off 'manu militari' (= press power button for 8 seconds), and then I could restart the PC successfully.

    I examined the system logs but didn't find anything that looks suspicious, except maybe that the reported Standby Incident Time (UTC) and the Resume Incident Time (UTC)  are a few minutes off from the real time. Apart from this, the log suggests that the resumes were successful.

    In the DriverFrameworks-UserMode log, I see several entries like the following for every unsuccessful resume:

    Forwarded a finished Pnp or Power operation (22, 2) to the lower driver for device WPDBUSENUMROOT\UMB\2&37C186B&0&STORAGE#VOLUME#1&19F7E59C&0&_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_GENERIC&PROD_ULTRA_HS-SD#MMC&REV_1.82#000000264001&0# with status 0x0.

    I guess that's something to do with the built-in memory card reader in the Dell U2410 monitor. But there is no indication this has anything to do with the video staying blank. Also during the succesful restart of the PC, a similar event is logged...

    Anyone any ideas what to do next?

    I have a few:

    - remove the ATI Radeon and use the on-board graphics generator

    - disconnect the USB feed from the monitor so the card reader is inactive

    - reinstall the ATI drivers AGAIN, this time using the Driver Sweeper tool to remove the old drivers

    The problem is that the problem is so intermittent that it is vey hard to diagnose...



  • Update again:

    I reinstalled the ATI drivers again, this time using the Driver Sweeper tool to remove the old drivers. The system has run stable for a couple of days, but today again refused to wake up from hibernation.  I noticed the monitor works until the computer tries to put it in high resolution (1920x1200) mode.

    Here are the steps I took to diagnose the problem:

    Re-sleeping and re-waking the computer didn't help.

    Pulling the mains plug out while the PC was in hybrid sleep mode, then after several seconds plugging it back in and reviving the PC: same result: black screen when the PC is supposed to enter high resolution mode. Apparently the PC "remembers" the problematic status while in hibernation. This indicates it is really a software problem.

    Next, I tried to log in from another PC using remote desktop (terminal services), and this worked! So the computer is working OK,it's  just the local video that stays black.

    BUT I noticed something interesting: during the remote desktop session, in Device Manager, there was NO MONITOR device. So it seems that the ATI Radeon graphics adaptor doesn't recognize the monitor. It is connected via the DisplayPort connector. "Scan for hardware changes" didn't help. The monitor was still absent.

    Then, I issued the "shutdown /s" command while still in remote desktop. The PC successfully shut down.

    Then, I switched the PC back on, and now everything was OK again.


    From these experiments I can conclude:

    1) the monitor is not the problem.

    2) it is a software problem, or at least a problem that is stored together with the hibernation file

    3) it still exists in the latest version of the ATI drivers (v. 9.8)

    4) when the probem occurs, the PC thinks that there is no monitor

    Sigh ... I hope this gets solved soon.



  • Does this also occur with the Dell video card driver? If yes, what version?

  • DELL-Chris M

    Does this also occur with the Dell video card driver? If yes, what version?

    The problem first occurred when I received the PC. Waking up from sleep status was almost impossible. I think the behaviour was similar to what the original poster reports (80% of the resumes were unsuccessful)

    Later I installed the update for the video card driver from the Dell support site: R230129 for the AMD Radeon HD3470 256M Version A05

    I also disabled the option to ask for a password when resuming from sleep, since according to the release notes of the updated driver this could cause similar problems.

    However, I still had problems with waking up the video, although I recall that I had the impression it had improved somewhat.

    Finally, following an advice I found on one of the threads in this forum, I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from ATI (9.8).

    The problem has become intermittent since then (it occurs in about 1 out of 10 resumes)

    I didn't find anything in the Vista log files that points me in the right direction, but maybe I am looking in the wrong places. Is there any log file that registers video problems?

    I do know that once the problem occurs, it is 'remembered' in the hibernation file and not resolved by a power cycle. I also know that the problem is resolved by a hot restart of the PC, without having to unplug the PC or the monitor. So it looks like a real software (driver?) problem.

    My next step would be to remove the ATI Radeon video card and to use the on-board video, in order to see if it's really an ATI problem or maybe a general Vista problem. However, that's a big step to make and I really like the speed of the ATI card. Plus I paid good money for it...

    Next time the problem occurs, I will try to attach a second monitor via the DP-to-DVI converter and a DVI cable, and see if I can wake that one up.

    Thanks for your help. I hope we can solve this one.


  • As I posted in a different thread, I had the same sort of problems with my Optiplex 960 using the integrated video with DisplayPort.  I tried the Intel drivers up to version, and that didn't fix it.  Also, using a DP->DVI connector did not help.  I finally got an acceptable setup by buying an nvidia card.

  • I had issues with my ATI 4850 and ATI 5870 cards with my Dell 2709W Rev A00 monitor.  The solution was to replace the monitor, via dell's warranty, with an A02 revision.

    I posted full details of my experience, symptoms etc here: