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2209WA sudden blackout


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2209WA sudden blackout

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I've recieved my new Dell 2209WA on 19-Feb-2009, after two days I've encounted the sudden blackout. When the screen is on, after 30 minutes or more the screen goes totally black (the on button is blue as in monitor is on) and then resumes in two seconds to normal operation, then it happens again in about 10 minutes cycles. It happens while I'm using the computer (no possible computer screen save or PowerSave issue). 

The monitor is connected by DVI cable (from the monitor box).

"Solution" I've tried: I've cancelled the screen saver and PowerSave on the control panel, no change. I've rebooted the computer sevral times.

The DVI output of the computer worked with another LCD and CRT while using DVI->VGA adapter, no such problem ever happend.


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  • I'm no expert, but it sounds like you may have a faulty power supply in your monitor. I recently had an Acer 22" LCD which did the same thing - it is currently sent in for warranty repair. In the meantime I just bought a Dell 2209WA as a replacement (which has its own set of problems, which i listed in different posts).

    It sounds like, with your possible faulty power supply, you may need to request a Return Authorization from Dell and get your Advance Replacement monitor to try...

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    brand new Dell 2209WA 22" LCD monitor

     Mac OS 10.4.11 (Tiger) with a PPC G5 dual 2.0, 4GB ram, thru DVI input, Video Card ATI Radeon 9600, native resolution 1680 x 1050


  • Thanks,

    I'm suspecting the DVI cable now. I've taken another cable and check to see if problem occurs again. Yet, with the original cable I could connect another monitor (Xerox 22) with no probelm.I'll updated when I have new results.



  • Well,

    No luck. Changing cable didn't help. Tried to get support but no luck either, I have no service tag so I don't any answers from Dell reps. I'm thinking to return it and have the retail shop handle it, let them talk with Dell reps.

    I have the monitor for 13 days, in the last 3 days it is back in its package ready to be sent to Dell lab but in the lab they must have Sevice tag in order to speak with me.


  • lempertar

     Are you in the US, if so I may be able to help you?

  • Thanks Jimmy you are very kind. Yet, I live in Israel...


  • Hi

    After getting the service issue resolved.. the retailer (who sold me the monitor) with Dell's approval agree to me a brand new monitor and I got it on yesterday (10-March, 2009). Yet, the sudden blackout keep happen. I suspect now a connection that it happen while moving of the mouse...

    I'll keep updating.


  • Jimmy,

    I live in the US and have the same issue. I have the monitor hooked up via DVI to a Powerbook G4 (867Mhz PowerPC, 768MB RAM, OSX 10.4.11). If I try to run it at max resolution, the screen will go blank anytime there is moderate activity on the screen (like a new window opening). Sometimes it's very little activity. Even moving the mouse in portrait mode makes the screen go blank.

    It seems to run fine when hooked up to my MacBook (2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, OSX 10.5.7) on max resolution. Also, if I reduce the resolution on my PowerBook G4 to 1280x800, it seems to hold up okay for basic tasks.

    Is this an issue of the computer itself not being able to render the resolution, or is the issue with the monitor?

  • warp100,

    The monitor is fine. The optimal monitor resoluton is 1680x1050. We did not test it at 1280x800. Have you tried updating the PC video card drivers to see if they can do the higher resolution? Here are some mac guys talking about the 2209WA.

  • Chris,

    Thanks for the quick response! That link you sent for the mac issues doesn't help me too much. Plus in that thread one problem was a bad Mac, the other was a bad monitor. But they apparently never had the monitor displaying anything. Mine usually works until the screen needs to redraw. My best guess is that my computer is just too old to handle that resolution. Currently I have it at 1280x800 and it's doing fine so far. Is there anything else you can recommend to make sure it's not a monitor issue? I have not had issues with other monitors on this computer (though they were using lower resolution and the VGA cable). Do I need to get a dual DVI cable?

  • Other than finding a newer PC video card to test it on, no.