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USB Ports Not Working On Monitor


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USB Ports Not Working On Monitor

  • I have a Dimension 8400 with a 19 inch Dell Monitor (Dell 1905FP Color Monitor).  I think what I need is a USB upstream cable.  I don't remember seeing this when I purchased the computer 3 1/2 years ago.  Can someone tell me what it looks like and where I can get one from???  Thanks!!!
  • You need a Type A to Type B male to male cable like this:



    Even supermarkets sell them.

  • Thanks!!  I'll pick one up today!!! :smileyhappy:
  • Best place to buy cables is I have purchased Cat5, HDMI, DVI, USB and other cables from them and have always been pleased with the quality and price. These are VERY inexpensive and work just fine. Check out this link ans save some $$.

  • Three years and I thought the monitor USB ports didn’t work & would not mess with it until I saw this and stole my printer cable … now it works; I did not see this cable in the setup guide … if all fails read the directions … I am a MAN!


    Thank You!!!



  • thanks GPRO! i was having this exact same issue and resolved it with the help of your post.