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17" monitor won't stay on more than 2 seconds


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17" monitor won't stay on more than 2 seconds

  • I have a 17 inch stand alone monitor which came with my Dimension 4600 a few years ago. I can't find a name on it. This morning I discovered that the monitor was black even though the compter was on. If I rebooted the computer, the monitor would go on for just a second or two before going black again. After the computer finished starting up, when I disconnected and reconnected the monitor cable, I would see the desktop for just a couple of seconds. It's not the power and it's not my computer. I connected the monitor from my kids computer, and it works fine. Is it worth fixing or do I need to buy another monitor?

  • I am having a similar problem:  my mother's LCD turns on, but shows a picture for 1 second, then goes dark.  If I turn it back on, it does the same.


    Have you found any information?

  • I was having probems with my DVD and CD drives and was directed to replace the battery for the computer.  I disconnected all of the wires from the computer, opened it, read the information on the battery so I knew what to buy.   I then put the computer back together, and my monitor did the same thing.  I can not believe that unplugging the monitor and plugging it back in would cause this monitor to fail.

    Did you get any resolutions?




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  • If the monitor does not stay on during the Self Test, it is defective.

    * Turn the monitor off
    * Disconnect all monitor cords from the computer
    * Turn the monitor on
    * The floating red/green/blue/white dialog box should appear on screen against a black background and stay on


  • I can see a faint back ground it is functioning just not bright for more than 2 seconds My monitor
  • Anything under 20" is not worth repairing - the cost of a new monitor with a full 3-year warranty is lower than the cost of having the backlight replaced.


  • Did anyone try uninstalling the driver? Did anyone try removing the have drive and memory and reinstalling? i have seen these both as solutions.

    I have 2 computers my working monitor works on both the non-working one, doesn't work on both. I changed power cord and monitor cords do we think it is the light bulb? I can see a faint image of the monitor functioning properly.



  • I ran the test ( unplugged the monitor from the computer and just had the power cable connected to the monitor and then turned it on) it stayed on for a second or two and then went off.... Is this how these monitors Fail or show signs of failing?? Is it worth getting repaired?   I reallly seems strange that just by unplugging the monitor and then plugging it back in would cause t;his issue.

  • The monitor will come on.  THe dell logo flashes and then goes to the VGA that moves up the screen.  Then the monitor will turn off.  A few seconds will go by, then it will do it again.  The longest it will stay on is 4-5 seconds.  Switched power cables, same thing.  Mine is happening on a 2007 FPb.

  • Hi all I did the test with my monitor and the dell red blue white thing stay on untill i pluged it in to the pc how can i fix this.

    Thanks shoutout

  • shoutout,

    So your saying the monitor passes the Self-Test, but when plugged into the PC video card, it turns off. Test the monitor on another PC. Test another monitor on your PC.

  • i am having the same problem with my monitor it does pass the self test, if tried all the diffrent kinda connections it has on the monitor and it does the same thing every time its on for like 2 secs then the screen goes black it has been a great monitor 

  • tcrelectronics,

    If the monitor goes black when running the monitor self test, it is defective.

    If the monitor does NOT go black when running the monitor self test, the fault lies with the video card or cabling.

  • I have the same issue, tried different cables different computers and still the same. It passes the self check and then i see the login screen for about 2 seconds and then it goes black. Other monitors work fine on the computer. if i turn it off and back on i can see once again the screen for 2 seconds before its goes out again.