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Dell LCD Monitor (2208WFPt) PROBLEMS!


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Dell LCD Monitor (2208WFPt) PROBLEMS!

  • I recently purchased a Dell Monitor 2208WFPt.  It worked great for 3 months, no issues whatsoever. 


    Now, when I turn on the monitor, it displays perfectly for about 5 seconds, makes a buzzing noise for 1 second, and then the backlight bulb turns off.  It still displays, but it's dark (no backlight).  The menu, adjustment, and input buttons become inoperable.


    Does anyone know of any fixes, or anything I can do to remedy the issue?  Am I experiencing the same "Power Save" issues that have been stated on this forum?  Thanks! 


    I have been buying Dell products for 10 years.  I have had a 1901FP, 1905FP, and a 2001FP, and they were bulletproof.  It's very dissapointing to have bought this LCD and it only last for 3 months.  Very poor quality!


  • Did you find a fix?  I'm experiencing the same issue.

  • All,

    Just get them replaced while under warranty.

  • I have the same problem as listed above, only Dell won't repair my monitor because I bought it with a very expensive Dell computer so they decided to cover the monitor for only a year, rather than 3 years which is the coverage for the same monitor when purchased alone.

    I want to try to fix it myself, and was hoping that someone could tell me what the problem was with theirs? The problem described by arts1750 is just like mine. I turn on the monitor, the screen appears as normal, but then immediately dims. The monitor is less than 2 years old, has seen regular use, and showed no signs of gradual disrepair. Just last week overnight it had this problem. It does the same thing on any computer I connect it to, so I don't think it is a driver. I though maybe it is the backlight.

    If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it. I can order a backlight for $14. I am just hoping someone can tell me (like a technician, or someone who had the same thing repaired) what exactly was the problem. Even access to a schematic would be helpful.

    I am very disappointed with Dell in not covering this. Less than 2 years with light-normal use is ridiculous for a product lifetime. Thanks for the great customer service and manufacturing quality.