How to get Sound with PS3 connected to 2408WFP using HDMI cable?


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How to get Sound with PS3 connected to 2408WFP using HDMI cable?

  • Hi, I have the Logitech X-540 5.1 speaker system, a PS3, and Dell 2408WFP monitor.  I used the HDMI from PS3 to Monitor no probs and the image is great. I have no sound though. I've tried so many different configurations and nothing seems to work.  I'm wondering if i've missed something and someone could help me out.


    In short, I have:

    1) HDMI from PS3 to Monitor

    2) all wires from X-540 Speakers to sound card (green, pink, black)

    3) Monitor is connected to computer using DVI


    How can I get sound without having to continously switch around cables?  What setup would I need?

    Also, which settings would I use in the "sound settings" in the PS3 menu? do I use HDMI or the red/white audio component one?



    Thanks for your help!


  • I don't know what audio inputs you have on your computer's sound card, but basically you need to run an audio output connection from the Playstation to an audio in connection on your sound card.
  • There's noting on the 2408WFP that connects the HDMI to your computer's soundcard. Instead, there's an audio out port next to the component ports on the moniter where you can connect a 2.1 speaker system.