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what type of monitor do I have?


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what type of monitor do I have?

  • On the sales invoice the monitor is listed as:

       Dell Ultrasharp 1905FP Flat Panel 19" vis, Optiplex Precision and  Latitude


    How or where can I find if it is an S-IPS, H-IPS, VA, TN, S-PVA, MVA?


  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_monitors
  • So my monitor is a S-PVA with a label by Dell

    as Ultra sharp. BUT its not an S-IPS.

    Why call it Ultra sharp if it's not top of the line

    and the very high price besides????   

  • my new 2408WFP is PVA. my old 2005FPW is IPS. both are premium Ultrasharp branded. dell does not currently offer an IPS in the 24" range. I much prefer the brightness and blacks on the 2408 over the 2005.

  • Thank you Mike5065 for your response.

    So the bottom line is Ultra sharp doesn't

    mean to much. My chances of picking up

    an Ultra sharp monitor in the future with

    ISP is chancy with a high price..... 

  • "UltraSharp monitors are designed to fit just about any situation and give you a comfortable viewing experience. Adjust the height, tilt the panel forward and backward, swivel it left-to-right, or even pivot from landscape mode to portrait mode to fit your optimal viewing position. Convenient USB 2.0 ports and media card readers help you avoid the hassle of running out of USB ports on your PC or reaching around the back to access them."
    - 2408WFP product description
     note, it says nothing about panel type or quality.
     see this post for some more info
  • Thank you all.

    I now have enough sources and information to make

    a somewhat intelligent decision.

    However I wish Dell would make the consumers job



  • Dell needs to take a look at "Hazro Monitors".

    Right up front they tell you it's an "s-ips" monitor.

    This is the way advertising should be done.