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E173FP Monitor: black screen, won't turn on, blinking green power button


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E173FP Monitor: black screen, won't turn on, blinking green power button

  • I have been using my three-year-old Dell monitor without any problems until now.  The screen just won't turn on and the power button just blinks a constant green colour.  Pushing the power button doesn't do anything; it only continues blinking.  I have tried pushing all the buttons and restarting the computer, but nothing works.  The screen is just black.


    I have searched the Dell site and tried all the checks and solutions that I found, including unplugging and replugging the monitpr cable and power cord and trying different power sockets.  The Self-Test Feature Check won't even work because the screen is completely black.


    I know it isn't a problem with my computer itself because I can still access the contents of my computer using VNC on my laptop.


    Model: E173FP

    PPID: CN-OU4931-46633-533-ONOL  (I think this is it...)


    I'm not sure if you need other information, but please ask if it is required.


    So do you think this is fixable? or is the monitor dead for good?  Should I just give up and buy a new one?


  • Have a look at this thread: http://www.dellcommunity.com/supportforums/board/message?board.id=dim_monitor&thread.id=90433



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  • hello. the link is not good, and I'm interested, I have the same problem. if you can help me...
  • oops, fixed.
  • Thanks for replying! After reading through the posted thread, it seems as if my problem matches the description.  Now the problem is actually fixing it... the solution looks way too complicated for my abilities and I would more than likely end up destroying it, rather than repairing it.


    Plus, I'm not 100% sure that is the problem so what if, even after shelling out $50+ for an inverter board and installing it correctly, it still does not work?  In the end I might just have to buy a new monitor anyway. 


    Would Dell do it for me for a fee if I ship it back to them?


    I think I may be better off buying a newer and better monitor.  Any reccommendations?


  • Dell doesn't do repairs. Those sites I linked to specialize in LCD repairs but you might find someone locally who could look at it.


    Of course you may be better off investing in a new monitor, maybe a widescreen. 

  • I have fixed several of these monitors. But you do have to be skilled in electronics to do so. There are boards for some of them but that ups the cost.

    Which E173 do you have? And what is your skill level 

  • The model is E173FPb


    And my skill level? Zero. Elseif I wouldn't be in such a pinch.

  • You could check with tv or electronics shops to do the parts replacement. If you cannot do something yourself, it's going to cost you
  • Yes, I know it's going to cost me, one way or another.  That's why I'm thinking I should just invest in a new monitor.


    I'm going to try asking friends and relatives and see if they're a bit more savvy with computers.  If all else fails, then I'm getting a new one!


    Thanks for all your help, everyone!

  • Computer geniuses are not going to be much help. This is an electronics problem. I was into electronics before computers so I can do both. You need a someone who knows electronics and can solder.

    If you do not, it is best to stay out of the case, there are things you do not want to touch inside. 

  • Well, that is what I meant: a person who is familiar with the internals of the computer.  I'm not that that much of an idiot to not know the difference between computer programming and computer engineering.  I only remember studying about the internals of the computer in theory in a beginner computer course and even then, it was only the CPU not the monitor.  I think someone with a little engineering knowledge should be able to do it with instructions, which I found, saw, and was intimidated by.   


    With that said, I do believe I know someone in computer/electrical engineering.  I hope I'm not wrong.

  • The problem with the monitor means that being in the computer field means nothing more than a chef would know. Engineers are not likely to be of assistance either.

    Think TV repair