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e196fpf monitor problems


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e196fpf monitor problems

  • I have had an e196fpf monitor with my XPS system for the past two years.  Today it started acting weird.  When first plugged in it will show a full red screen, then a full green screen, then a full blue screen, then yellow, white, and then black.  It will cycle through these colors non stop.  I tried turning it off, but it won't turn off at all.  I unplug it, leave it for awhile, then plug it back in and it still does the same thing.  Has anyone had this problem or seen this problem.  I have tried to search through the forums, the help and support, and even just the Internet go no avail.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


    This is all happening even before I turn on the computer.  Turning on the computer doesn't help.  I've unplugged the monitor completely from the computer and plugged the monitor back into the power and it still does the same thing.

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  • hanney1,

    * Open the FAQ at the top of this board
    * Open Monitor cycles solid colors in Standby Mode

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