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Monitor Won't turn on Blinking Green Light


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Monitor Won't turn on Blinking Green Light

  • Model # E173FPb (I think) 17" flat panel
    Went to turn it on today and just blinking green.  Checked all cables, unplugged and plugged back in, then held power button and still nothing.  Doesnt matter if CPU is on or off
    Any suggestions
  • gpuvalowski,

    Monitor STFC (Self Test Feature Check)
    * Turn off the monitor
    * Plug the monitor power cord directly into the wall socket to remove any surge protectors or APCs from the troubleshooting equation
    * Unplug the monitor video cable from the back of the computer
    * Turn on the monitor
    * The floating dialog box should appear on screen against a black background. If the issue appears during the STFC, the monitor is defective. Get it replaced
  • This sounds like a conspiracy of the greatest proportions!  Today, I, too, tried to turn on my monitor (E172FPB) and found that the "on" button did nothing but blink green.  What makes it a conspiracy...I am also of Polish decent!:~)))
  • Ok Guy's I have studied the Net and i am what you would call a jack of all trades :) after 2 days i found the answer to the Green Blinking light of death and the White Screen of death!! I have taken photos of my journey through my Dell Monitor and logged all info so now i just need a place to put them so all can see. Ok... Found out that after time even a year with these Monitors, the will stay hot for so long till the capasitors or capasitor will go bad in the power supply area of the board and they will show a visible sign of buldging on the top of them (where they sould be flat!) These capasitors are not hard to find, they cost about 2.00 to 4.00 and can be found on the net or at your local TV repair shop "thats where i went". All you need is a Soldering iron, solder, and a flathead (to take off the panel) and a Phillips head for the screws. there is also a de-solderer that will help in removeing the old solder cleaner!. ***Be Cautious when messing with the Capasitors++++ They have Voltage most of the time, and i would suggest unplugging the Monitor before starting and when you have it open "if you can" de voltage the capasitors... but i didnt i just was careful. Now Remove the bad ones makeing sure you remember how they wher in there. They sould have markings on them for - negative or Positive side, they must go in the same way!! of you will fry your shait. TIP: Try and take as many photos of your progress for refrence in putting it all back right!!. Make sure all the plugs are in snug and dont bend anything. Read the article on using a Multimeter tis will help you test the voltage to the capasitors. but if not just make sure your contact and soldering are good!! Then try it out. (((( I just got through with mines and i am using it as i write you and its like brand new )))) happy day.. Good luck. OH!!! The white screen i got after putting it back together because ** I forgot to plug in the screen plug inside the Monitor, **thats inside the monitor** So maybe for you White Screen folks its your screen harness wire not plugged in or needs repacement!! let me know how it works out for you!!!!!! :) Here are some links i used in my studies+++++ / my email is for any photos you may need!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Dell Dont Help...Help Your Self! Message Edited by PSutt on 09-19-2007 12:27 AM

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  • Hey, P!  Thanks for the information!  I, too, am a jack-of-all-trades...just ask my wife.  I was really close to fixing our TV that time.  She was so proud and happy, I might add.  But, the monitor isn't working and Ashish wasn't able to help me.  I can hardly wait to "dig" in.  I'll let you know!
  • Good to hear it!!!

    You know..i was surfing the web regarding this issue and found one guy who suggested that if you love your dell monitor to cut a Fan hole it the rear, solder a connection for a fan and install a fan. This will definatly make it last much longer.

    Watch and see, in the near future there will be fans in all Monitors!!!
  • Hey P!  Thanks for that little bit of info on the fan.  When I'm in there I'll check out the possibilities.  After all, I was a big fan of Home Improvement...and must have learned something from all those hours of Tim!  Again, thanks for the info and I will keep you posted.  Bruce
  • lol ok keep me up to date!
  • Okay, but before I can give you an update, how do you get the back of this critter?  The wife thinks it would be a shame if I was able to put it back in service...with duct tape holding it together.  I took out the four phillips-head screws and the base came off okay.  Do you use the straight blade screwdriver to pry in the slots around the monitor housing?  Thanks for any help you might offer up!  Bruce
  • Yes... Just stick the flat head in one of the four slots around the outside of the frame and give it a swist... the frame snaps off in about 16 places. "each corner and about 3 on each side.
  • what modle Monitor do you have there? because mines have no screws on the outside just for the stand
  • Well, I found a very good .pdf file that shows some great pictures of the E172/173FP monitor disassembly.  So...hoping to find something obviously wrong...nothing!  All of the capacitors look normal (of course they could still be bad, and I'm not sure I want to take 'em all off of the board to see if the "load").  One good thing - the screen is really clean now.  Maybe I should bite the bullet and buy a Planar!
  • Now I am going to check out some of the links you listed on your original post.  Maybe I can get some tips from them.  I will keep you posted.  Bruce
  • the only obvious sign on the Capasitors will be Buldging caps "tops" the good ones will be flat or even indented. other than that all monitors "lcd" should be pretty much the same. if your green light blinks its savable. if nothing happens it's in a better place now :) QUOTE: " Dammit i'm a Doctor Jim, not an engineer " Good Luck
  • Funny...I remember that quote from the first time it was on TV!  I'm gonna email you to see some of your pictures - if that's okay.  Bruce