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Fix for 2000fp Monitor Turning Off?


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Fix for 2000fp Monitor Turning Off?

  • Hi,
    My 4 year-old Dell 2000fp Monitor (on a Dell Dimension 8250 running Windows XP) has been continuing to turn itself off as if it were going into power save mode.  The LED stays green and when I move the mouse or the space bar the monitor does not wake up.  I have to shut off the power to the monitor and turn it back on to wake the monitor up.  It remains on for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.  Power Options are set to Never and Hibernation is disabled.  I tried the monitor on another computer with the same results. 
    Has anyone tried fixing the monitor.  I checked out this site as recommended in another thread on this forum  They sell replacement boards with instructions on how to do the repair.  My symptoms are described exactly and appear to be caused by a faulty inverter board.  I was wondering if anybody had tried this fix and if it is hard to do and safe to try.  Did it work?
    Thanks ahead of time.
  • That is a good site, I will bookmark it for future use.

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