Hi, Bit complicated problem here, let me try to explain it as clear as possible. The situation: I bought a 2nd hand Dell E173FPb monitor because my actual laptop screen broke down. Until I got this screen I used an old CRT for my laptop, which worked fine. I am now using my Dell E173FPb however especially with darker colors (Dark grey/brown especially) the screen seems to show a lot of static, as if the refresh rate is terrible(it's on 75). If I open paint in full screen and give it the color (hue: 160, sat:0, Lum:38, RGB:40) it shows loads of static. I don't see a crystal clear color, it's like theres lines all over it that sort of shake. When I hook up the screen to the desktop it works fine, unless I use a low resolution with a low refresh rate but even then it works better than when I use it on my laptop. My laptop also does not seem to recognize the actual screen it self, since the slider for resolution can go from 800x600 to 2048x1536, and refresh rate from 60-100 or so. Even though the screen itself is only compatible from 800x600-1280x1024 @ 75hz. And obviously only works in these modes. I have disabled the actual laptop monitor so the only display that is active is the dell screen. Any suggestions? :/