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E228WFP going into power saver mode intermittently


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E228WFP going into power saver mode intermittently

  • I recently bought an E228WFP Monitor that for some reason keeps going into power save mode all by its self. It is plugged into the dvi port of a ati x700 graphics card with another lcd monitor plugged into the vga port. When the E228WFP goes into power save the other monitor is still on. The E228WFP has the message to press any key on keyboard or move mouse to wake but that does not work. If i wait until the 2nd monitor goes into power save (10min setting in vista) and move the or press a key both screens will turn on.

    Just tried this in morning screen went into powersave hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete then screen turned back on, again the second monitor did not go into powersave.

    FYI I have reset the monitor to factory setting before posting here.
    Also disabled atievxx.exe
  • I have the exact problem.
    But my video card is nvidia geforce FX 5200.
    I think we have a Dell problem and not a video card issue.
    Since I run XP, it appears windows is not the issue.
  • All,

    Does this also occur if the E228WFP is plugged into the VGA?
  • I have just switched the monitor to vga, I'll repost after a couple hours of use, since it switches off at random times.
  • My problem occur both in VGA and DVI mode.
  • All,

    I will run this by my Displays PG contact on monday. He is out this week.
  • Thanks Chris,
    So far the screen has only gone into power save when in was suppose to (20 min) while connected via vga. I'll see what happens over the weekend by the way I've only had this monitor since Wednesday.

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  • I have a nvidia FX5500 video card.
    I get a blank screen both with the analog and DVI cable.
    I get the power save error when I press the menu button.
    I have tried the about procedure listed by DELL.
    It did not work.
    I bought this new Dell 1908FP monitor only one week ago.
  • When plugged into the vga port the monitor runs fine. My 17 inch when plugged into the dvi flickers so it looks like it may be my graphics card doesn't have enough juice to send a signal to both lcd's.
  • Having a similar problem with my E228WFP. It doesn't go into power saving mode but often a picture of a locked or unlocked lock will pop up on the screen. This appears to happen randomly. Also I cant press any of the buttons on the screen with out the lock to come up, sometimes the main menu will come up but I can not navigate it, even pressing the power button wont do anything. When in softMCCS a message will sometimes appear saying 'An OSD button event has occoured (0x00) on Dell E228WFPS. The VCP Table will be refreshed'. This indicated to me that the OSD buttons are being activated on their own, restore factory defaults through softMCCS does not help, neither does resetting in safe mode. I should also mention that I have a dual monitor setup and the Dell is running thorugh VGA, I will test DVI soon. WinXP Pro 9600 XT