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3007wfp flashing


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3007wfp flashing

  • I hooked up my new 3007wfp yesterday to an ati x1300xge 512mb. It worked great for about 7hrs and then started flashing. I can turn off the monitor for a few minutes and when I turn it back on it runs fine for about 10 min before it starts flashing again. Is this a overheating problem or could it be related to the power source, wrong card?
    My system is a 4600i 1.5 gigs of ram. I have updated the chip set, flashed the BIOS and down loaded the most current drivers for the card.
    Thanks for any help!
  • LAMcIntyre,

    What port on the video card is the monitor connected? Is that a Dell video card? What is your desktop resolution?
  • It's connected to the dual dvi port. The card is a Visiontek. I have uninstall and reinstalled the drivers, this helped for a little while but it returned to flashing. It will keep flashing untill the screen goes black as though it has gone to sleep.
  • oh yea I am running the monitor at 2560x1600
  • When you say flashing, you mean the screen looks like it turns off then on then off etc, right?
    When that starts happening, try to disconnect the video cable, and see if the monitor still exhibits this problem when in diagnostic mode (scrolling through the colors).

    If it does, then the problem is likely caused by your backlight.
    If it doesn't happen in diagnostic mode, then could be video card or even a loose cable.
  • yes that is correct, and the flashing gets more rappid untill the screen goes all black. I have disconnect the video cable and it only scrolls through the colors, but I didn't leave it in that state for very long, maybe 4 or 5 minutes.
    If it is the video card wich of the posted list is best for my system. It seems that most on the list are pci cards or require a much higher psu.