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Monitor very dim


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Monitor very dim

  • My Dell LCD went dark. When I turn on the power, it is bright for a fraction of a second and then turns really dark. If you see very closely, you can see what is on the screen. Can I repair it ?
  • I have the same problem! Can somebody please help?!
  • I'm having the same exact issue.  Please Help.
  • SETTING ISSUE..... use the little controls on the side of the monitor and crank the brightness up to max.... turn of all the lights in the room so you can see the screen...
  • I changed the setting but that doesn't have any affect.  In the dark room I couldn't see anything on the LCD screen but with lights directly on it I could see very dim desktop.  I've tried all the settings I could find and still no help.
  • I tried that too, no luck. It says "Auto Adjust in process" when you turn it on. The power button light stays amber. When you turn off and turn it back on, it is fine for a fraction of a second then shows the message and turns dark. Same with other computers. HELP !!!!!
  • All,

    We need to know the specific monitor model numbers.
  • It is at my office, I will get it Monday
  • Hello
    The model number is E153FP LCD monitor. I have CD for the Driver that came with it. Will reinstalling driver work ?
  • i have reinstalled the driver but no luck.

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  • Babylukum,

    * Turn off the monitor
    * Unplug the monitor video cable (either the VGA or DVI) from the back of the computer. They should never be connected at the same time to the same video card
    * Turn on the monitor
    * The floating dialog box should appear on-screen (against a black background)
    * Does the dialog box float around the screen without any visual problems?
  • Hello Chris,
    I tried unpluging from computer. Dialog box is floating but very very dim. I can hardly see it.
  • Babylukum,

    Is it under warranty? Please provide me with the following information in a private message, not on the board -
    Shipping address:
    Order number:
    Customer number:
    Monitor 20 digit PPID number (back of the monitor):