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Vista Driver for 1905FP


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Vista Driver for 1905FP

  • Anyone know why there is no Vista driver for the 1905FP yet? Latest drivers available appear to be from Jan 2006 and only cover Windows 2000/XP. Cheers, JJ.
  • joppajaki,

    You just have to keep checking here.
  • Well Chris,
    It is a "few" months after your post. Where and when are the Vista drivers for the 1905FP going to be available? Everything is working in Vista except the usb hub on the 1905FP. Vista only sees the monitor as a generic PNP monitor. Not a flat panel. Plus Vista doesn't seem to know what to load for the usb hubs in the monitor. This is the only problem I have EVER had with my monitor, or any other hardware I had bought from Dell. Keep up the good work and please get us this Vista driver for the monitors.
  • hpe_jr,

    A few months after "what" post?
  • Chris -
    Now it has been a few months (Posted on Feb 21, now it's May 28) - are there any drivers? When I plug in my 1905FP's USB, Vista bluescreens when I turn the monitor on.
    Any idea what the deal is?
    Thank you,
  • Any update on this??? Anyone know where I can get Vista drivers for the 1905FP monitor? Thanks, Joe
  • Hello there, Any news on the Vista drivers for this monitor? I know you guys have nothing to do with the development or anything, however it's ridiculous that a monitor that was bought 2 years ago is not fully Vista compatible. Considering the monitor was on sale right around the time Vista was at the RC2 stage, and it's now been a year since Vista was released commercially, it is beyond me why we should have to wait so long for a simple driver that will make the USB hub functional. I've been visiting the forum quite often, checking if there's an update on the link provided, yet nothing has been done - the latest drivers are from 2006. Is there any sort of ETA or will all of us just stop bothering?? Regards, A Furious Greek
  • Anthi,

    The Dell policy going forward is any monitor manufactured before January 2007 will not get a Vista driver.
  • Hello Chris,
    Thanks for the reply and most of all thanks for putting us out of our misery. It was about time someone did that, many thanks.
    Happy new year! Have a good one!
  • That's just great.  My 1905fp monitor is perfectly fine, only a few years old but no driver for Vista.  Shameful.  I was planning on buying a new XPS 420 with Vista, but I refuse to buy a new monitor too.   I have 3 Dell LCD monitors and apparently I won't be able to use any of them going forward.   I will take my business elsewhere.

  • I am running Dual 1905FPs on a computer with Vista SP1. I'm not sure why you think you need drivers. The displays work fine and the usb hubs work fine. My Radeon graphics card correctly identifies the monitors by name as Dell 1905.

    In general moitors have not required drivers - ever. The drivers usually just contained a mostly useless color profile. The graphics card itself is capable of querying the monitor as to what modes it is capable of displaying.

  • Could you tell us which Dell PC you are using with the 1905FP and also which Radeon video card?

    Thanks.  Big Smile