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Monitor stuck in Power Save Mode


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Monitor stuck in Power Save Mode

  • Hi folks, I have the same problem that many people seem to have reported where there monitor gets stuck in Power Save Mode.
    However everyone else seems to be using a DVI cable while I am using a blue analogue cable. The card is an FX5200.
    The screen goes black with the message just after the Windows XP logo is displayed. I can get a display in safe mode.
    Grateful for any ideas!
    Cheers, Chris
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    Good Day:)

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  • As I mentioned these threads all seem to refer to the DVI connection for which there seems to be a fix - but my problem is with an analogue connection.
    Cheers, Chris

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  • Try to reinstall your video card driver. It works for me in DVI mode, maybe will work for you with analog connection.
    Forgot to say that you must be in VGA mode using F8 before Windows screen prompt.
    Let me knows!

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  • "As I mentioned these threads all seem to refer to the DVI"

    No they don't :)

    "I currently use a Dell 1800FP. About 2 weeks ago, it got stuck in "D-Sub Power Saving Mode" and I can't get it out of it. I've been reading a lot of posts about this monitor getting stuck when connected via DVI. Am I the only one that can't get it to work with analog? The monitor is connected to a video card that only has an analog connector, so I can't test it out on DVI. I have confirmed it is not a problem with the video card since it works perfectly fine when connected to another flat panel monitor of a different model/brand.

    Do you get any video at all?? The Dell Splash Screen?? Can you get into bios??, if you do, then it is likely a refresh rate issue. If you start with video & go to power save mode at windows, try using the "Enable VGA Mode" from hte F8 menu at boot. If you get into windows, then go to display properties, advanced, adapter tab, "List All Modes" & try adjusting resolution from that point."

    Uninstall the video driver, use driver cleaner, install video driver, see if it'll recognize the monitor correctly or go into safe mode F8 and set it to a the native res and reefresh rate.

    See if that works.
  • Thanks chaps, I just had to reinstall the drivers! I assumed it would be more complicated.
  • atf,
    You know that I don't own a dell;) does dell require the loading of 2 drivers ie. 1 for analog & 1 for digital? Most monitors that I have used need both of these drivers installed esp. when switching between analog & digital. I meant to ask this question before but didn't think about it at the time of my posts.
    This thing with the powersave is almost normal with these monitors now eh? Dell should cut out the powersave in the monitor & let XP handle it. Personally I dislike powersave, power options, screen savers as I use the 'off' button;) Also it interferes with downloads & can effect backups = nuisance to me.
  • I have not used any monitor drivers for the 2407 without issues for the first few days ( Analog and DVI), just the Microsofts default driver, and later on installed  the driver that came (CD) with the monitor, so no, you do not have to install two drivers, one for analog, and one for dvi.   Did not read that either on the User Guide.   That is the first time I have heard of that question.  Wouldn't that be interesting if we did have to    :smileyvery-happy:
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