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Monitor Lock Icon Problem


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Monitor Lock Icon Problem

  • I have a monitor that keeps displaying the lock icon.. Its locked for a few seconds, then it blinks & changed to unlock position... When I press the menu button nothing happens.
    I've also pressed it for 10~15 seconds and nothing happened too. All the buttons cannot work....
    What could be the problem? And how to resolve it....
  • Not much to go on eg. what monitor, v/card?
    Have you RTM?
  • have a look through some of these threads - search results

    also this -
  • Thanks! I'll try to do it now... Hopefully it solves the problem :)
  • gpro,
    Interesting url.. The only problem, if I read it correctly, is don't touch the monitors buttons, only use the v/cards drivers. Would not this indicate a fault with the monitor or can this be resolved by turning it off in the service menu, if you can get at it after this?
    Just curious,
  • just passing the info on - haven't really looked at this issue

    also found this on Yahoo Answers:
    I had this problem once - all you need to do to unlock the controls is press and hold the Menu button for about 10-15 seconds. That should unlock all of the controls.

    It took me days of hunting through Dells website to find this when it happened to me!
    hope it's that simple :)
  • unfortunately, that didnt solve the issue... The lock is still on.. blinking on and off every few seconds. I really wonder whats wrong with it.
    And I noticed something too. when I changed the resolution to higher than 1024 x 768, there is an error.. video settings could not be determined...
  • Etel
    I said before -
    Not much to go on eg. what monitor, v/card?
    Have you RTM?
    For instance, how can we determine resolutions when we don't know if you have a 12" up to a 50"?
    Well ok then...
    With that last idea I would assume that you would hold the menu button while starting up with the power button?
  • Reset to default settings.
  • I have the same problem occurring. It happened after a customer spilled a glass of wine all over the monitor and keyboard. I'd assume the monitor was damaged.
  • Yes, I suppose the monitor is spoiled. I tried all the above methods, so I guess the next thing to do is to buy a new monitor haha
  • What? No warranty?
    3 years even if part of a dell system.