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Dell E153FPTc, TouchScreen Monitor


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Dell E153FPTc, TouchScreen Monitor

  • We have TWO Dell E153FPTc TouchScreen Monitors that are making us go nuts.
    Have updated drivers, have used 2-3 different computers, and at wits end.
    After calibrating the touch screen, everything seems to be working fine.  All buttons on the primary application and in Windows in general work fine.
    Leave it for an hour or so, and mouse has stopped working correctly....  screen is no longer calibrated...  the mouse cursor does not track the motion of the mouse, and the buttons on the touch screen application do not work.
    Dell support hasn't been any help.  3M Touchware hasn't been any help.    Both point figures at the other, and deny its their products problem.
    Any help here ?
  • We've been seeing the same thing on about 20% of the monitors we've had. No idea why yet.
  • We have four of these monitors!  I have had to replace all of them in the last year, Dell covered the exchange under warranty.  The touchscreen calibration would start going crazy after using it for a few hours.  I even had one where the monitor would make the mouse get stuck in one place.
    The new ones are working better, but I'm still having problems with the Touchware software, it will loose settings like beep on touchdown whenever a Windows update is loaded.  I just searched Dell's website and I can't tell if they even sell this model still.
    If I were you I would make Dell swap out the Monitor, they have told me they have 3 year warranties.  That has fixed my problems with calibration errors.
  • Is Dell supporting these monitors? If so through what medium?
  • Same deal here calibration won't hold!


    I can't believe Dell is selling garbage like this and then they don't want to support the problems that come up.

    Personally, we are moving to Hewlett Packard due to all the unprofessionalisim with Dell, whatever they did to get on top, they quit doing it and are now sliding down the tubes!