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Dell 1907FPf LCD Monitor


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Dell 1907FPf LCD Monitor

  • I have a 1907FPf LCD monitor on my desk.  Do you know what type panel it is, what the small f stands for and what the dot pitch is?  I see that the 1907FP dot pitch is .294 from looking at the tech spec page on Dell's website. My search on 1907FPf did not return results under product listing but did return an article 'Dell and the Environment' on Dell's web site that contained material data sheet info on the 1907FPf but did not list the dot pitch of the panel.  Do you think the 1907FPf that I have has the same dot pitch as the 1907FP? 
    Thank you
  • It sounds like a good assumption.

    If the dot pitch were larger than an inch, I would worry:)
  • LOL :smileyvery-happy:Good answer.
  • This is a fairly normal .pitch for lcd s.. The really good crt s could display a fair bit finer but I would rather have a lcd..
    Some of the lower res. v size lcd s have larger ones (it is really the native res. size of the individual lcd s themselves - not the monitor;)). A good example of this is to look at the res. (& .pitch) for high definition large tv s. Say a 42" with a res. of 1300 x ????.
  • Thank you for that information. It is appreciated.