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2407WFP - Flickering horizontal lines across entire screen?


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2407WFP - Flickering horizontal lines across entire screen?

  • Has anyone noticed flicering horizontal lines across their entire screens?

    I've seen it twice at the log-in to XP screen now, usually somewhere between 2-6 lines, all appear to be one pixel in height, in the middle of the screen.

    After I click an account to log in more lines appear and they are closer together. I've checked cable connections.

    I guess my BIG question here is:

    1. Is this a common problem and if so, what is it being refered to as? I searched for 2407 flicker and found only one post which seemed unrelated.

    2. If this flicker becomes constant after a few months, will Dell exchange the monitor at that time? I've read about many people exchanging several monitors due to the color banding issue but some have implied that this must be done within the first few weeks of purchase. I would hope the 3 yr warranty would cover something as obnoxious as flickering lines on the screen but I'm now getting very concerned.
  • I've seen quite a few posts from people with various display issues on this monitor. I think at least some of them are caused by the video card not being able to output a clean DVI signal at the required frequency, which is close to the limits of the DVI spec.

    What is your video card?
    Using DVI or VGA input?
    If you are using DVI, can you try VGA or the other DVI port if you have one?
  • My video card is the Radeon X300 SE 128MB HyperMemory, sold with the XPS400/2407 WFP. If the card is not capable of outputing a proper signal to the monitor I would expect Dell to swap out the card but this is hardly my question.

    I am most concerned with if Dell will indeed replace this monitor in the future if the problem is with the monitor and it gets worse. I can check try a VGA capable when the problem worsens, but at this point it has happened twice over 3 days. For now I just want assurance that Dell WILL ship a new monitor if this problem gets worse say, a few months or a few years from now.
  • Here is what I am seeing... (Please click on picture here and after linking to imageshack to see full picture, I don't have time to resize them right now).


    The vertical blue lines flash on/off while the blue dots (mostly at the top of the screen) seem to stay put.

    With a white screen I see yellow lines (mostly horizontal).


    With a black screen I see the vertical blue lines but they are not as numerous and do not move around as much.


    I tightened my DDI connectors on both ends of the cable but this did nothing.

    In the past I have been able to stop the "flickering" by turning the monitor off and back on again.

    Today I simply changed to PBP mode and the "flickering" stopped. Changing to PIP mode did not stop the "flickering."

    I think I'm going to try for a replacement tomorrow, does anyone have advice on how to make this go smoothly? I've heard of people being on hold for over an hour and such... With the time I see myself investing in this in the future combined with the time I have already invested, this monitor is quickly costing me a lot more than some of the more expensive models out there!!!
  • Hi David,
    I have exactly the same problem as yours. Flickering blue lines when I boot up Windows XP. It can happen once a day, and at some point the flickering is so heavy that my screen goes into Eco Mode. Then I have to reboot my PC (sometimes twice) to make it work properly. My graphics card is the Radeon 9250 256Mb and it has DVI + VGA port. When I use the VGA port I get a lot of background noise so I can only use the DVI port.
    Quite annoying since I received the 2407 monitor last week. I updated all the drivers (monitor + graphics card) and the problem is still the same.
    Thinking of getting a replacement, although I think the problem may come from my graphics card. So I was thinking of changing that too. Let me know how you get on.

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  • This sounds like a monitor problem if turning it off and turning it back on remedies the problem temporarily.  I would definitely get a replacement before I did anything. 
  • In my case I have to totally reboot the PC or I have to go in Display settings and change the resolution, then apply, change it back to what it was and then apply again. Sorted.
    I've installed a new graphics card in my PC and I'll let you know if it still does it.
    I suspect this is a problem only with the DVI signal.
    2 weeks later: ordered a new graphics card and the problem is totally gone !!

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  • I have seen the problem with VGA and DVI.

    After installing a new graphics card I did not see the problem although I am temporarily back to my original card so it will be interesting to see if the problem reoccurs. I say this because I hadn't seen the problem for a few months before I installed the new card- it seemed to go away.

    I spoke with tech-support briefly about the problem and was told that monitor diagnostics are performed when there is no signal to it. I have not seen the problem with no signal yet.

    I'm glad I didn't demand a new monitor since this is too much technology to just waste when the problem did not occur frequently and was easily corrected but if either of those conditions change and the problem comes back I do hope Dell works with me if the monitor is still under warranty.

    So far- happy with the monitor, love it. Wish I had one at work. Portrait mode isn't very useful since the video mode does not automatically switch and in order to turn to portrait mode, the monitor needs to be tilted and just BARELY makes it- don't leave a pancake on the desk because you won't have room to rotate.

    My other BIG complaint is the user interface. I won't write a 5 page report about why I hate it so much but if I was the project manager in charge of designing this monitor, the monitor would respond quite differently to button presses.