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Sharpness adjustment greyed out on my 2007WFP OSD?


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Sharpness adjustment greyed out on my 2007WFP OSD?

  • The sharpness adjustment on my 2007WFP is greyed out so I can't adjust the sharpness. Does anyone know why? I can't stand the blurry text and have both an A00 and a replacement A02 in front of me and the text looks equally blurry on both. I've tried swapping video cards (ATI and Nvidia), auto adjust, turning off/on cleartype, changing font DPI, and nothing works. My text on my Dell laptop and the 19" Dell i use at work is sharp and clear--the text on this 2007WFP is definitely not and it hurts my eyes. Thought i'd try adjusting the sharpness as a last resort but that isn't even an option.

    I'm just going to buy a Viewsonic tomorrow and compare side by side. It's an aethetically uglier monitor, but I may have to accept that if the text is better.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
  • You can't adjust the sharpness if you're using DVI.
  • Thanks, but I'm using a VGA connection. thoughts?
  • Not sure, sorry. I've only used mine with my DVI, never tried VGA yet.
  • Randyhui, are you running 1680 x 1050 resolution?
  • FIXED!!!
    Yes, i was running the 1680x1050 but with a VGA cable. I switched to DVI (I had been using VGA for so many years i didn't even think to use the DVI cable that came with the monitor) and that took care of it. The text is the sharpest and crispest i've ever seen on a monitor, so I'm good.
    Thanks for all your help!