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Auto Adjust In Progress


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Auto Adjust In Progress

  • I have a new Dell 193FP monitor and I'm experiencing the same "auto adjust in progress" messages during startup that many others have written in about, but I can't seem to find a solution anywhere. I've done everything that has been suggested in this forum, but I (like everyone else) have not had any luck getting the problem fixed.

    Does anyone out there have a resolution for this?

    Many thanks if you can help....
  • not sure what you have tried, but what is the native resolution of the monitor?

    are you running your computer in that res?

    when your computer boots, it uses a lower res image for the bios screen and the windows load screen. during this time the monitor may detect the lower res and try to adjust the display so it fills the screen.

    once the desktop loads everything should be normal.

    (just a shot in the dark.. i am not familiar with the issue on that model)
  • Hi, thanks for writing. The native resolution is 1280 x 1024 at 60 Hz, and, yes, my computer/video card is running at those settings.

    And you're correct that "auto adjust in progress" messages are only coming up during the bootup process. However, it only started doing that a couple days ago, and I've done nothing to change or upgrade any of the software/hardware on the computer.

    I have other Dell flatpanels connected to Dell computers, and this problem doesn't occur on any of those. Just on this one...the Dell E196FP.

    It's definitely an odd situation, but I'm hoping someone, somewhere has found a fix for it and can let me know...

    Many thanks...
  • P.S. - Just a correction: the monitor is a Dell E196FP flat-panel (I mis-typed "193FP" in my initial post).
  • Same problem here---I have the Dell E176 flat panel. It just started this "auto adjust" nonsense on June 13th.  I am now on "live chat" with a Dell technician (in India, of course)----I bet the odds are he will tell me to do a PC restore or reformat.....ha. I bet there is some easy answer---i.e. it was an XP update that did it, or something else.
    It would be great if someone at Dell could actually figure it out!
  • Well, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem. If you do find a solution to it, can you please post it in this thread? Or, if I find a solution, I'll do the same!

    Thanks for writing in...
  • FYI---I tried uninstall the dispay driver (and monitors) and reinstalling from the original CD---didn't get rid of it. I wonder if it switched something "on" in the registry that we won't be able to find! However, I did a system restore from June 10 (before I had the problem) and that didn't resolve it either. I am going to hook up my Gateway monitor and see if it does the same thing---then hook the Dell E176 to my nonDell computer and see what happens. I'll keep ya' posted. Hang in there!
  • P.S.---did you notice that it also happens when you come out of "sleep" mode? and when using certain screen savers? That's what mine does.
  • Hi again. Yes, it happens when coming out if standby on my computer too. And I, too, uninstalled and reinstalled the monitor driver and also the graphics driver...all to no avail.

    I'll keep you posted if any solutions arise!
  • Hi,
    FYI---I finally switched out the Dell monitor with my Gateway FP monitor....and, as expected, no problems with "adjusting". So, apparently, if one stays with the Dell monitor, you have to live with the "auto-adjust"---I find it interesting that it had not happened previously, and I have a friend with the same Dell monitor and he never has the "auto adjust" something is wacky. It would be nice if someone at Dell could explain it. Tech support is no support---I usually end up knowing more about resolving hardware/software problems than they do-----but, I guess if you're living in India and getting meager pay to scan through a list of problems and offer the provided Dell list of "responses", one can't expect actual expertise. Let me know if you discover anything new.
  • Hey, I found a recent posting by someone else with the same prob----their solution seems to work (so far!)
    Try this: click "turn off computer" but don't turn it off....your wallpaper turns the typical "gray" color in prep to shut down---on the monitor, hit the "plus" button to execute an "auto adjust"---do this about 3 times.......
    so far, it works!
  • Well, well, well!! Your magical fix works for me too! Thanks for searching out and finding the solution...
  • WOOT! That worked for me too!
    Thank you so much!
  • Solution not working here. Dell 17" flat pannel originally hooked to my wife's (newer) XP machine. She got so  frustrated with it she came into my office took my monitor and left hers. Now doing the exact same thing on my (6) yr old XP  machine. All hardware is Dell.  Problem so bad at times the monitor is not useable. I've wasted more than enough time on this. Close to throwing the dam thing in the trash.

  • I just had the same problem, it started after a power outage.  The turn off-then-reset resolution fix didn't work for me, but when I removed the VGA cable from the back of the monitor, then reattached it, (power on), the message is now gone.

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