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1907FP monitor won't slide back up stand


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1907FP monitor won't slide back up stand

  • So I set up my new up and while doing so slide the actual display down the stand. During this time, I wasn't pressing any button on the stand.

    The display locked into place at the bottom of the stand, and I can't figure out how to move it back up. The button on the back of the stand does nothing, as far as I can tell. When I press it, the button barely even moves.
  • Try pressing and holding that button, press down on the monitor itself, still holding the button, and then pull up the monitor.
  • well that sounds almost right..press down on the top of the stand and then press the button in, it should click in more than usual and then slide up
  • That worked! Sorry about this post.

  • rizzuhjj wrote:
    That worked! Sorry about this post.

    lol that hapend to me too when i first bought mine :D
  • Thank you! I googled this problem and this is the second link that came up and solved my problem. Thank you again!!

  • You are amazing!  This totally worked!  When I read what you wrote, I associated the answer with what I have to do in my car when my steering wheel gets locked.  I have to shimmy the wheel while I turn on the car, or else the ignition won't start.

  • Don't be sorry about this post!!  If it wasn't for you asking this question, I would still be surfing the net for an answer on how to fix mine! I work in a building full of engineers and there are several of them that locked in place...they just set the monitors to the side and started using other ones!  hahaha