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Monitor USB Ports not working


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Monitor USB Ports not working

  • I just got my new XPS system and my flat screen 17" digital monitor's USB ports do not respond when I plug in a USB device (i.e., IPod, Memory stick, etc.). However, If I plug directly to computer the device is read and accessible. What could I be doing wrong? Everything seems to be plugged in correctly.
  • Everything is plugged in correctly... including the USB cable that came with the monitor, the one that runs from the monitor back to your computer?
  • i have had this problem before also
    , with my cordless mouse. i haven't had it since i started turning my mouse on before starting starting the pc.
  •  i wouldn't use the usb ports on the monitor unless necessary. i believe there is a driver conflict between the monitor and whatever you plug into it. i think that has been the main problem with my xps.
  • So the solution is to just leave it alone? =/ Excuse me for saying this but thats like the worst advice I've ever heard. a real solution would be to find some kind of driver update for the usb hub. I'm using a 17 flat panel monitor with a usb hub mounted on, model no: 1703FPt. I am also experiencing problems with connectivity to my PC. I've ruled out that its not certian devices not working with the hub but actually the hub it self that is not working. I know this because everytime I plug in the usb cord for the hub I recive a message that the new usb device reads unkown to windows. now this is one of the first posts I've read where someone is experiencing similar problems to me. so I'm going to continue to search the forum for a solution.

    once again I'm using a 17 inch flat panel with the usb hub mounted on the side, model no. 1703FPt and my operating system is Windows Xp. If anyone happens to have the driver I need and knows where I can get it please help me out.
  • quick reply, just forgot to note I'm not using and XPS machine from Dell, I'm using a slightly older Dimension 8300 series. just further proof its the monitor.
  • Hi folks.  I have a 1704FPV Ultra Sharp monitor and the USB 2.0 ports have just this evening stopped working for no apparent reason.  They were working ok yesterday and I have done nothing out of the ordinary since then!  They stopped working for a day when I first had the monitor 12 months ago then it righted itself and has been fine up until today.  I have tested with new USB upload cable and tested the PC USB port that I am feeding off and that end all works OK so the problem is definitely the monitor USB hub.  I am under warranty from DEll so will call them out tomorrow and will let you guys know what the result is. Cheers!  Steve from little old England!
  • Did you disconnect the power cord completely from the monitor? I had the same problem 12 months ago with 2 1704FPVs. I received 3 identical systems last January. Mysteriously within one week I lost the USB hub on one of the monitors. If you look in device manager it will show up as an unknown USB hub. I changed all the wires (except for the power cord)and also attached it to the other two machines and still had the same problem. Dell replaced the monitor immediately and then I lost the hub on one of the other monitors. This time I took the power cord out of the monitor and disconnected it completely from the power source. When I reconnected it, the USB hub was functioning again and in device manager it showed up as a generic USB hub. I later lost the hub again and disconnected the power cord and it showed up again. Try disconnecting the power cord from the monitor and the power supply. It may work. I am thinking that one of the devices I am connecting to the monitor USB port is causing a conflict. I am not sure if it is the camera or possibly a printer. There are other people using the machines and maybe they are not stopping the hardware properly. Try the power cord it may just work. I haven't had an issue in months. Good luck.