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Monitor goes black after a few minutes


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Monitor goes black after a few minutes

  • I have a Dell Model E193FP 19" flat panel monitor that goes black after just 8 minutes. The power led is still on. The backlight system is NOT out as I tried a light test. It appears there is a hum shortly before it goes out. If I shut it off, wait a few minutes and turn it back on it is back to normal for a few minutes. Something is overheating. It appears that Dell will not respond to anyone that is out of warranty. Also, no way to email them without a warranty or Tag number! I stopped at a Mall Dell booth today and got blown off by the sales guy that said when the warranty goes, so does Dell. He said get the credit card out for the phone call or find a computer repair shop, other than Dell. I have a PC from 1999 and still get UNLIMITED tech support for FREE. The Dell guy used my car as an example. Well folks, I've called GM numerous times for trouble shooting problems for my Suburban that is well out of warranty. They talk to me every time for FREE. A friend recommends that I take the monitor out to a field and film me shooting it while it is on with a 12 gauge shot gun with double OO buck and send the video stream to Dell and anyone who is on line that would realize the dreadful regret they will have if they purchase from Dell. Sorry the thing is a piece of ____, but the shot gun idea is starting to peak my curiosity and sounds a lot more like fun. Thanks for listening and of course any ideas would be greatly appreciated if they come before the shot gun comes out.
  • I have a UltraSharp 1704FPT 17-inch monitor that does the same thing.  I have been on the phone with technical support for 2 days with no resolution.  Since my computer is still under warranty, if/when I get the problem resolved, I will add to this thread.

  • Hi,

    I have gotten a response.

    That monitor if faulty.  It's the same as shown in message:

    The support person tried to get me to rebuild the operating system.  When I wouldn't go for that, I asked to speak to the supervisor.  He requested that I perform one additional test before they would attribute the problem to the monitor -- you might want to try it also.

    During boot-up press the F2 button to get into setup.  Leave the computer in this mode and see if the monitor still goes to black.  Mine did, however the time it took was longer (35 minutes) than during windows operation (five to 10 minutes).

    They are sending me a new monitor, however, I guess I'll have to wait 5 months (which is how long I had this one) before I know if the replacement monitor is any good.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for your input folks. I have tried this monitor on two different PC's as well as a video editor. Same results. Therefore, I know it's the monitor. I just need to find out what it is. With no warranty, can't get anyone from Dell to talk to me without charging me money just for answering the phone. Very afraid of their products and very dissapointed!!!! Bob