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Optiplex 260 stuck in power save/standby


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Optiplex 260 stuck in power save/standby

  • Hey everybody

    I have a Optiplex 260 stuck in standby mode for the monitor. Have tried three montitors with same result. All monitors test fine when detached from the box.

    I have shut it down multiple times, unplugged/replugged all connections several times, etc.

    I was replacing and old monitor with a new Dell 17 inch flat panel when this error occurred, but now it seems stuck on the previous monitor as well.

    The flat panel shows analog input is fine, and that power saving mode is on and that touching the keyboard or mouse will unfreeze--but of course when you try this it does nothing but stay in standby.
    Any ideas?

  • neubanks,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Does your system have integrated video? If the monitors are working on other systems the problem is not the monitor but, more the video card or Windows. If your system has integrated video you may want to contact Dell Support. If you have a pci or agp video card try removing and reseating it into the slot.

  • Just to provide closure for anyone else with this problem I tried many tricks but finally opened the box, pulled the video card/reset and also reset the CMOS battery......One of those two things fixed it. This box was also jammed full of dust, blew it clean and it seems much happier, running smooth.
  • Same problem with a Dimension 4600, LCD stuck in power save. Reinserting the video card did the trick. Thanks.

    Been monkeying with powersave options, another thread suggested a conflict between screen saver and power save (standby) timed settings...?