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Dell 1905 FP Monitor - Setting Color Temperature?


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Dell 1905 FP Monitor - Setting Color Temperature?

  • I cannot seem to figure out how to set the color temperature of this monitor. I was pretty simple on my old CRT that I have replaced with this one. The color settings screen does not tell me what the settings mean, 5200°K, 6500°K.

    Am I missing something simple?

  • kenko,

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    Click the link below to view the online manual for this monitor. It may help you resolve or answer your questions.

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  • There is no monitor color temp controls on the 1905fp or for any of the other Dell monitors from what i've seen. To date i only know of one LCD screen that offers that adjustability (Iiyama).
    That said, there is a way to mimic the temperature however. If you still have your old CRT. Set it to the temp you want and write down the values for RGB.
    Set-up your LCD to use those values. You may have to tweak it by a few numbers +/- but it should give you a close representation of the temperature.
  • Jesse,

    I have the monitor user manual and it is of no help.  All there is on the adjustment menu is the three presets of "Blue Preset", "Red Preset" and "sRGB Preset".  Unfortunately, this does not help me as I do no know what temperature those presets are calibrated for.  Without knowing the values for the presets, I cannot even use the custon RGB setting portion of the menu to adjust, since I have no starting reference.

    Surely somewhere in Dell these values must be known.