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PC stuck in Power Save Mode


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PC stuck in Power Save Mode

  • My new Dimension 5000 is stuck in Power Save Mode, can anyone help please.  When switching on the PC makes all the right noises but the monitor screen stays blank, with the power light orange.  If one of the buttons is pressed the following message appears: "In Power Save Mode, Press any key on keyboard or move mouse"
    Needless to say neither of the actions wakes the monitor up.  I have tried the monitor on another PC and it works perfectly. 
    I've tried reseating the video card without luck as well.  What I have noticed is that an orange light appears inside the PC, which remains there for some time after the power lead is removed.  This light is just above the battery on the mother board.
    Can anyone help please.
  • Hello snalbuns,

    I too have been experiencing problems with the Power Save Mode, I'm using a Dell Dimension 4400, and the monitor is a 19 inch, don't remember the model.

    This only started two days ago and I've tried all sorts of things; pulling the soundcard out of the cabinet and using a flatscreen LCD instead, removing the tv-tuner card and all unnessecary multimedia devices. Nothing helped it though.
    The BIOS will show properly until it boots the OS, just as the welcome screen of XP is about to appear, the monitor goes into Power Save Mode. (Amber display light.)
    I can clearly hear on the sound of the OS welcome-audio, that there's is nothing wrong with the installation.

    My video card is a nVidia GeForce FX 5600XT - with 256 mb RAM, I'm about to check if the old 64 mb nVidia GeForce2 that shipped with my Dell computer will by-pass the problem.

    I've seen several threads about this on this very section, maybe there is some update in the OS that has somehow messed it up, could also possible be a virus or something like that.

    I took a search to see if there were any relevant topics to this issue, and I think it's pretty well explained in this post:
    I've tried following the advice provided there, but it doesn't seem to help.

    My PC went into the Power Saving Mode after transporting it to a LAN, I've tested the monitors on another computer to see if they were faulty, but they were working fine.
    Is there something that could've taken damage under the transport that makes it go into this mode? - I'm always very careful around moving my PC.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    Message Edited by Faroe_Boy on 03-07-2005 01:37 PM

  • Hi Faroe Boy.


    On the advice of Dell Tech Support, I removed my video card and plugged the monitor into the on board video output and it works.  There must be something wrong with the card - might be worth a try.  Good luck

  • I had a similar problem.  Are you using the DVI connection?  If so you have to "turn on" the DVI connection on the monitor, otherwise the monitor appears to be in power safe mode.  To test this use just the standard monitor cable without the DVI  and see if it works.
  • The problem has now been solved through some further troubleshooting.

    I inserted my old GeForce2 MX card as mentioned, and the monitor now worked perfectly again, only the drivers weren't communicating with the video card, so I deleted the old nVidia drivers and made sure all Power options were turned off in the OS.

    Afterwards I took out the video card and replaced it with my newer card, and now it booted succesfully!

    - If you got the powersave problem I suggest you try finding some other video card, and modify the options after booting the OS with the monitor working.