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Dell Genesis Display Perfection

  • I have seen reference to this problem in other messages on the forum but have not seen a suggested solution.
    Every so often my monitor will flash to a screen with the Dell logo with "Genesis Display Perfection" just below.  The monitor will then flash back and forth between what I am working on and the "Genesis Display Perfection" screen or simply freeze on the "Genesis Display Perfection" screen or go black.
    Shutting the computer off with the reset button does not seem to have an effect.  I have resorted to shutting the computer off from the powerstrip and restarting to be able to get going again.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it goes back to the "Genesis Display Perfection" screen after a short while.
    This has been going on for some time now.  I've had the computer for a couple of months and it began after a week or so and has occurred about once or twice a week since then.
    I have a Dimension 8400 with the Dell 193 monitor.
    Any explanation or solutions that could be provided would be greatly appreciated as this problem tends to occur when I am deep into a work project.
    Thank you.
  • Anyone have any ideas on what might be going on?
  • No idea. But when I turn my 8400 on I get thie same display right before the WinXP splash screen. It is up for a second then disappears and I have not seen it other than then.