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Cannot get Monitor to Full Screen, will not widen


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Cannot get Monitor to Full Screen, will not widen

  • When the computer booted it, screen appeared ok, but when xp loaded, I have a small square in center surround by black. Cannot get it to widen. The vertical did fix the part of it, but eh monitor settings will not widen. It also have a convex shape (or pin) to the side. Tried to correct with monitor controls on front of monitor, but it would not do anything. Any advise??
  • Try disconnecting the monitor, turn it on and see if the self test is OK. Then try another monitor on your PC if possible, or another pc with the monitor.
  • Make sure that you have the correct drivers installed for your graphics card AND your monitor. Also, if your monitor has an "Auto Adjust" feature, try using that.
  • I am having a simular problem.  My screen worked fine and then it became hard to read the words. By adjusting the screen to make it narrower (concave) on the left and right side  I can now read the words on the screen.
    Does this mean my monitor is going out? (It will be 2 years old in Dec 2004)
  • Tried a different monitor, and it worked fine. Now will try dell monitor on a different computer and see what happens.
  • Having the same problem.  i have a dell 8200 with xp.  it's about 3 years old.  monitor is a M992 crt monitor with Nvidia Ge Force4 MX 420 and i've updated it with the latest drivers and everything.  I've checked the display setting and played around a bit with the refresh rate and resolution to try and get the screen to widen.  I always keep my res @ 1024 x 728.   i have the refresh rate @ 85 right now.  I widen via the osd controls on the monitor and i still have two black spaces on either side of the screen.  The monitor is fine and i have no problem reading anything but i just can't widen my display so that a page will fit the entire screen. 

    I'm up for some advice.

  • I'm finally getting around to trying my monitor on my other pc. My other pc is an hp, and when i hooked it up, the monitor is on b/c the green led light is blinking but nothing will come up on screen. in other words, the screen is black. now i know this is probably a stupid question but should i have installed the driver for my monitor on the hp before trying the monitor on it. Any advice would be appreciated. i still have the monitor hooked up to the hp so i'll wait for a reply before trying anything else. thanks in advance.
  • disregard the last post. i did the stupidest thing. i had my monitor plugged into the wrong thing in the back of my pc.

    anyway, i tried the monitor on my other pc and it looks the same way. i guess my monitor is going bad. so i guess my next step is calling dell support or a new monitor. i think my warranty ran out though. maybe i'll look into a flat panel monitor.