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Black Band around edge of monitor ?


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Black Band around edge of monitor ?

  • its about 1' wide, is screen not sized right ?

    Dell D1028L, also, cant find the driver for it, old monitor. Thanks

  • PutorBuff,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Try using the osd controls to adjust the size of the screen. What operating system do you have that you need the monitor driver?

  • Jesse, do you mean the controls on front of monitor? if so, what do I set the size on ? I could not find the driver for the monitor at dell's web site.

    I would like to buy all drivers on floppy from dell if possiable.

    also, what should the refresh rate be set at, its on optimal?Thanks, john

  • PutorBuff,

    Click the link below to view the online manual for this monitor.It will give the information you need to set the monitor to its optimal resolution.Set the monitor to 1024x768 for optimal resolution.

    What operating system do you have installed? I need to know this in order to show you were to download the monitor files.

    You cannot purchase floppy disk any longer. The files are downloadable from the Dell website.


  • Im using windows 98.  with a dell xps r400  , and a montego video nvidia zx 8mb card.

    Im not sure the controls on front of monitor wasn't messed with, I set monitor to 1024 x 768.

    I will follow link to review monitor manual and review it. Thanks, John