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Monitor in Power Safe Mode


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Monitor in Power Safe Mode

  • Hi

    How do I get of Power Safe Mode with my monitor?  The screen says activate using PC....I've tried everything!  Help!  My connections are fine, the power cord is fine.....any tips?

  • junkseller2,

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    You can change the resolution to a different setting to see if that will work. You can try also to turn the system on and then the monitor.

  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply, Jesse, but I've already tried that.  A service tech thought it might be my video card, as I even put a new monitor onto my tower and it still did the same thing.  I've reconnected and connected and reconnected again all the cables, plugs, etc....HELP  If it is my video card, is there anything I can do?

    Thanks in advance, kim

  • hey ppl me also having the same problem, can someone please help me out
  • junkseller2,

    Try reseatting the video card in the slot unless it is an onboard video card. If it is onboard you can get a video card and put it in the pci or agp slot.

  • Hi,

    If the system model is either 4600, then the system has two Video card (Connector that is behind the system where the monitor cable is plugged in) one is on the motherboard and the other one will be the AGP video card (if the order is placed for a Video card). 

    Normally most of the time the monitor is connected to the Video card on the motherboard.  If there is a AGP card and the monitor is connected to the on Board(Mother board connectore) then the message "Monitor is in power safe mode" will be displayed.  Connect the monitor to the AGP card (if any).  This will resolve the problem.  If still nogo, then the AGP card should be reseated.

    hope this solves the problem



  • jesse what if your modem is in sleep mode how do you wake it up

  • Were is the video card on the pc

  • I have payed alot of money for this and I dont know how to fix it please help

  • drp44,

    Monitor STFC (Self-Test Feature Check)
    * Turn off both your computer and the monitor
    * Unplug the monitor video cables (DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, and/or HDMI) from the back of the computer
    * Turn on the monitor
    * The floating dialog box should appear on screen against a black background. While in self test mode, the power LED remains green
    * If you see the issue when doing the Monitor STFC, then the monitor is defective. If indeed defective and the monitor is still under warranty, contact Dell Support. They will need the following information -
    Email Address:
    Shipping address:
    Phone number:
    Monitor Order number or PC Service Tag number if purchased with a PC:
    Monitor 20 digit PPID number found on the back on a label or on the slider card on the left rear:
    Reason: Monitor fails the STFC (Self-Test Feature Check). Give the specific failure