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Dell LCD Monitor (Dell 1703FP Flat Panel Color Monitor) Problem


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Dell LCD Monitor (Dell 1703FP Flat Panel Color Monitor) Problem

  • Hello, my first time writing here.

    I tried to get technical support for my problem but couldn't get one for lcd monitors, so I ended up writing here.

    I just got the Dell 1703FP LCD Monitor today and there is one problem. The monitor has both analog and digital input and I would like to use digital input. Problem is that when I use the digital input, nothing came up after the boot screen(the power light stays orange too). So I tried with analog input and then it worked fine and I got into windows successfully. (After doing that, I plugged the DVI cable back in and now, I am using digital input) I've seen this happening in my friend's house too and would like to know if there is a way to fix it. (btw, I have Radeon ATI-9600 128 MB if graphic cards have to do something with this)

    I hope that I'm supposed to write in this forum and thank you very much for your time.

  • A good place to begin to trouble-shoot is to first determine if both the FP monitor and video card have a DVI-D interface.  I believe the interface has to meet the DVI-D specification to support a digital video signal.  A quick check of the spec's for your Dell FP monitor indicates it's interface is DVI-D but you did not specify the manufacturer of your video card.

    Also, check your cable.  You may have received an analog DVI cable.  Digital DVI cables are much more expensive so Dell may have sent the less expensive cable to you.

    Check out this link:

    It may be as simple as getting the right DVI cable

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  • mehod_man517 - You are one of a great many of us who are having problems with LCD monitors that won't recognize the digital signal. This happens with other brands of monitors besides Dell, and with nVidia and ATi cards. I've tried many of the fixes suggested here and elsewhere but have yet to get my monitor to run on the DVI cable. I have a Dell 2001FP monitor, just received on Monday; it works great with the analog cable, but goes right into power save mode when I try the DVI cable connection instead. Very frustrating, and I've received no help yet from a Dell tech..

    veritas_vertigo - How can you tell what sort of cable Dell sent with the monitor? My cable has no markings on either of the connectors to indicate whether it is DVI-D, DVI-A or DVI-D cable; all I can tell is that the connectors are obviously for DVI ports. I know the port on the monitor is labeled as a DVI-D, and the port on my card (a Sapphire Radeon 9700 Pro) is a DVI-I port. Some people report that replacing the Dell cable with a better cable fixes the problem with "DVI = instant power save mode," but others who have given the fix a try say it didn't make a difference. DVI cables aren't cheap, and I guess I'm reluctant to spend the money without having any assurance that it will take care of the problem.

  • In my previous post on this thread I provided a good link that depicts various DVI connectors.

    It appears there is a signaling problem between Dell FP monitors and video cards that support DVI out.

    A DVI-I port should be compatible with your DVI-D cable as DVI-I supports both analog and digital signals.

    I'm not 100% sure bit it seems whatever card you use has to support:

    DVI-D TMDS and you need to verify the clock speed of the card is sufficient to support the FP monitor's resolution.

    This is a good link:

    that explains some of these nuances.

  • thank ya'll for your replies!

    well... as I said above,digital input works after I boot with Analog and switch it to the DVI cable, but the problem is it just won't boot with the DVI. I assumed that this happens because the digital signal isn't sent to the monitor when it is booting. So doesn't that mean there's no digital signal at all (ONLY when I boot; since it works after I boot and switch the cables)? If that's the case, a better cable can solve it?? I'm srry that I'm not much of a tech person so I don't know alot of these stuff. So basically, my question is whether to buy better cable. (What can you recommend me and where can I buy it?)

    Well thnx in advance

    @veritas_vertigo: srry for not writing about my graphics card DVI. I have a DVI-I. Wot should I do now?

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  • Thanks veritas - I'm an idiot, didn't pay any attention to the link for some reason.  :o

    Judging from the pictures, Dell sent me a single link DVI-D cable, so it should be working.  Though it isn't supposed to make a difference, perhaps I'll break down and buy a dual link DVI-I cable, just in case.....

    Or perhaps first I'll try method_man's partial fix of switching to the DVI cable after my system has booted up in analog mode, just to see if the digital signal is worth it!

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