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Stuck in "D-Sub Power Saving Mode"!!!


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Stuck in "D-Sub Power Saving Mode"!!!

  • I currently use a Dell 1800FP.  About 2 weeks ago, it got stuck in "D-Sub Power Saving Mode" and I can't get it out of it.  I've been reading a lot of posts about this monitor getting stuck when connected via DVI.  Am I the only one that can't get it to work with analog?  The monitor is connected to a video card that only has an analog connector, so I can't test it out on DVI.  I have confirmed it is not a problem with the video card since it works perfectly fine when connected to another flat panel monitor of a different model/brand.


    I have already spoke with Dell Tech Support (after being transferred back and forth for over 2 hours).  I refuse to speak with them again.  They sent me a replacement monitor, which seemed like a refurb, and I still get the same problem.

    I've also tried replacing the power and vga cables with no success.


    1. What are the keys to do a factory reset on this monitor?

    2. Anyone know a fix since it's stuck in D-Sub power saving mode, NOT in DVI power saving mode




  • Do you get any video at all??  The Dell Splash Screen??  Can you get into bios??, if you do, then it is likely a refresh rate issue.  If you start with video & go to power save mode at windows, try using the "Enable VGA Mode" from hte F8 menu at boot.  If you get into windows, then go to display properties, advanced, adapter tab, "List All Modes" & try adjusting resolution from that point

    Donald K

    Inspiron E1505 Windows 10 / XPS 10 Windows RT

    Dimension 8400 Windows 7/8


  • Thank you for the help. I will try your suggestion.
  • My 2001fp does the same thing with the DVI cable and analog cable.  It only does it when I unplug my computer (during thunderstorms) and I can usually get it back working after rebooting the computer multiple times.  This time I can't seem to get it to work.  So I'm stuck in power save mode.  When I reboot the monitor all I get is the dell splash screen for the monitor and it goes strait to power save mode.
  • I have this same problem on one of my 1800FPs.  The other works fine.  I have dual monitors, so I know it's not the system.

    The "bad" monitor will eventually come out of power save mode -- it just takes a few minutes.  Does anyone else experience that same behavior with his/her monitor?

    The bad monitor is a refurb.  One of my others failed completely.  Dell sent a warranty replacement -- a refurb -- and that's the one that doesn't want to come out of power save mode. 

  • I fixed my problem, I called Dell and they replaced my graphics card for free in 2 days with my warranty that came with my xps.
  • I have the same problem when powering down the system. I found that if you turn off the power on the monitor before the sysem shuts down it usually wont go into the power save mode. Just dont turn on the monitor when you power up until the system reboots. If its in power save mode you can disconnect the power cord, and turn off the monitor for about 5-10 minutes then power up the sysyem and then the monitor. All that helps the symptoms but I dont have a cure.   
  • My solution was to get a new monitor and a new graphics card, just in case.  I'd been through 3 (warranty, refurbished) monitors...  Dell replaced the graphics card just in case... although one of the original monitors in my dual-monitor setup has worked flawlessly all this time.   Anyway, we'll see if monitor #4 and a new video card fix the problem.

  • Okay this is majorly annoying.

    I have just bought a 2001FP and it looks like I am having the same problem but only with DVI.

    The panel works fine using the D-Sub connector.

    However, if I use the DVI connector and I power the monitor down and leave it for a few hours and then switch the panel back on it will not come out of power saving mode. 

    Does anyone know of a way - other than rebooting the PC half a dozen times - that forces the problem to go away?  I leave the machine working when I go away and would rather not have to slam it into a wall by switching it off at the mains.  Also, I tried this morning to reboot six times and it wouldn't pick it up.

    I spoke to Dell support last night - interestingly in the UK they keep asking for your asset number and because I just have a Dell monitor and no PC they struggled and there is no option on the ACH system for monitor support - but they didn't know and have suggested calling back during office house to speak to a desktop support person as only the server team were available.

    Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.


  • My experience is that Dell frequently gets bad batches of monitors.  I went through 6 different 1800FPs before I finally got a set that worked. 
    Dell was ready to replace my entire motherboard -- an extreme measure!  Try to dissuade them from doing that, and just keep trying new monitors until you get a good one.
    My problem was solved finally with a good set of monitors.  Dell replaced the graphics cards just in case, but that wasn't the problem, since the good monitors worked fine on the old graphics card.
    Be firm with Dell and insist they send you new (not refurbished!) monitors, and maybe a new graphics card.  Try one thing at a time.  First change the monitor.  If that doesn't work, go back to the old monitor, and change the graphics card.  If that doesn't work, you know you've got yet another bad monitor.
    If possible, try to test the bad and new monitors on another machine that works with DVI.  (That's how I was able to determine that I kept getting one bad monitor after another.)  Or, try a known good monitor on your machine (that will rule out the graphics card/motherboard).
    Don't let Dell try to replace your motherboard if your machine is otherwise stable.  It risks causing other problems, and should be a last resort.
  • Thanks for this reply.
    I have a couple of things to try quickly following other discussions but I doubt they would want to change the motherboard as its an Asus PC-DL Delux which they never supplied and its def not that as it works fine with everything else I have thrown at it.
    The graphics cars also works fine - ironically it came out of an old Dell Dimension!
    I'll let you know how progress is.
  • I have just about exhausted my attempts to fix this problem.

    I have just got a Dell 20001FP which will not come out of power saving mode when connected through the DVI cable.  It works fine on the D-Sub connection and this looks like a known issue.  Not known to Dell, however. 

    I have so far put in three calls to technical support - each meaning a 10 to 20 minute wait.  I have been promised a call back but no one called.  Is this a way of trying to get rid of people as there always seemes excessive numbers of people trying to contact technical support.
    Dell tell me the problem is a driver issue.  I have a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro.  I had already downloaded and installed the most up to date drivers from ATI.  However, I installed the drivers as sent by Dell.  All I got was a completly locked system with Windows refusing to boot due to a serious error.  I had to roll back the drivers and then re-install the ones from ATI.
    Dell are telling me that there should be a tick box in start>control panel>display>settings which says analogue/digital.  I have never seen this and can't find anyone who has.  Anyone know about this?
    Another post I found suggested reducing the frequency of the DVI in the options tab.  I don't have that in my options tab either.
    I thought that if I could stop the monitor going into power save then that might help.  I set the options in the screensaver>power so that the power scheme is always on.  That has not helped either.
    The way I am currently getting around the problem is to plug the D-Sub connector in for a moment.  Flick the monitor across to D-Sub which brings it out of power save and then plug the DVI cable back in and flick the monitor back to DVI.  This works for me, however, is far from ideal.
    Do people think this is a hardware failure or a driver issue.
  • Have you tried:

    1) Hooking your monitor to a different computer (known to work with DVI)?

    2) Hooking a  different monitor (known to work with DVI) to your computer?

    You can bang your head against a wall on this type of problem for weeks -- I've been there.  One or both of the tests above are the best (only?) way I know of to rule out (or in) that it is simply a bad monitor.

    Regarding the Start->Settings->Control Panel->Display Properties->Settings options:

    I don't have a checkbox for Analog or Digital.  What I have (for a dual Dell 1800FP w/ nVidia Quadro FX card) is several places where it's noted that my displays are digital.

    First is under ...->Settings in the "Display" listbox

    Second is under ...->Settings->Advanced->Monitor under "Monitor Type"

    Thirs is under ...->Settings->Advanced->QuadroFX1000 under "Display pair" and "Display"  (These look nVidia specific, so you probably won't have them)

    If you an find a button somewhere in all these ...->Settings->... dialogs that says "Detect Display" or something like that, definitely give it a try.  You might also try reinstalling the driver for your monitor (not for the video card).  Sometimes that can make a difference.


  • Update !
    Technical support says this problem is isolated to the 1800FP and doesn't occur with the 2001FP so I pointed them to this thread.  I spoke with the technical manager who after seeing this had his memory jogged and then said that yes this is a known problem and there is nothing which can be done about it and a new monitor won't fix it either.  Apparently, Dell are looking into a resolution for this but they do not have a date.  I have asked for a date and the technical manager said he would email their support to find out what the resolution date was.  That was on Wednesday and I have still received no reply - I chased them on Friday.  I was offered a refund.  However, this was a good deal and I am not going to get anything near the price as the Viewsonic monitor which is the alternative on the site is £700 rather than the £450 this one is advertised at.  Okay the Viewsonic one is available from Dabs at £600.
    The upshot of all this is.  If the technical manager is correct - and there is no reason to see why he would not be - then Dell are selling a product which they know is has a problem, are not making people aware of this as an issue and they have no resolution date for this. 
    Being an IT manager (and one who has bought from Dell for business in the past) I am take quite a dim view about this.
  • Can you clarify:    After the Dell tech's memory was jogged, did he say that this is a known problem with 1800FPs *and* 2001FPs?  Or are there two separate problems:  one with 1800FPs, and a separate one with 2001FPs that a new monitor won't solve?
    I ask because I know from experience with my dual 1800FP setup that eventually a new monitor *will* solve the problem.  It just took 5 or 6 tries to get one that worked, which leads me to believe Dell receives faulty batches of monitors.  (I should have tracked the serial #s to see if there was a relationship, but alas, hindsight doesn't wear glasses.)
    Best of luck!