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S2716DG, Wake Up Issue, Disable Monitor Deep Sleep


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S2716DG, Wake Up Issue, Disable Monitor Deep Sleep

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I am the new owner of a 2716DG Dell Gaming Monitor - but having a strange issue when turning on or restarting computer -
Monitor using DVI (Asus VG248QE) will start up correctly - but the dell monitor will not start up until power cycled or alternatively the mDP - DP cable can be re-seated for the same effect

I have read online about various wake up issues with DisplayPort technology but none specifically with this monitor. Here is the relevant technical information -

* What is the 20 digit alpha-numeric monitor serial number? CN-0NNV54-74261-5AM-0L6Q-A01
* What specific computer model? Self built
* What operating system? Windows 10
* What video card? Nvidia GTX 970
* Video card driver version? 361.75 (Have also tried latest non-beta drivers)
* What video out ports are available on the video card? mDP x 3, HDMI, DVI
* What video out port are you using from the video card to what video in port on the monitor? mDP to DP
* What cable are you using to attach the video card to the monitor? StarTech.com Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter Cable - Video/Audio Cable - Mini-DisplayPort (M) - 20 pin DisplayPort (M) - 1.8 m - Latched
Have also tried -
Accell UltraAV Version 1.2 Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable - White
* What windows power plan? Balanced
* Press the monitor Menu button to open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display). The bottom of that screen should show a resolution. What is listed? 2560x1440, 144Hz G-SYNC Mode
* Was the monitor purchased from Dell or some reseller? Reseller

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  • I'm pretty sure it were already stated in this forum that disabling "Monitor Deep Sleep" in the "Menu" - "Others" solves the problem. Did you already try this?

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  • * If your video card has a full size DP (DisplayPort), test using the DP to DP cable that shipped with the S2716DG

    * If your video card only has mDP (Mini-DisplayPort), you should be testing with a straight mDP to DP cable. Do not use any mDP to DP converter

    * Be sure to test all of the S2716DG DP Hz = 2560x1440 60Hz/85Hz/100Hz/120Hz/144Hz

  • Hello, I'm having the same issue. Brand new Dell S2716DG that arrived yesterday; it will not wake on sleep, pressing the Exit button does act as a workaround.

  • I'm having the same issues.  Brand new Asus Rog with GTX 980.  Monitor seems to work with HDMI input, but won't come out of sleep after computer goes to sleep with DP.  

    Nothing seems to jar it for me...all these workarounds don't appear to work.  Tried hitting fourth button, plugging/unplugging, disabling deep sleep, etc.  Can't tell if it's a faulty monitor or if it's something to do with the Nvidia drivers, etc...

    Hopefully this thread stays live as it's clearly an issue for a bunch of people.  

  • Interesting. I had the opposite issue (wouldn't work with HDMI input).    In the end, I wound up buying a new video card and connecting via DP.  Since then I've had zero problems, but felt like a cruddy way to get the outcome I wanted.

  • Okay I found it on another forum and this worked for me, go into the menu on the monitor using the buttons on the monitor underside, go all the way to the bottom to "Others", Select "Monitor Deep Sleep" and change to "Disable"

    Anyway, I was also worried about the same problem, but this totally solved it for me.

    For reference I'm on a GTX1080 and have this monitor connected with Displayport to the graphics card, everything updated, monitor is revision A03

  • Turning off 'Deep Sleep Mode' works on both my Aurora R5 (regular displayport cable) and MacBook Pro (Displayport to Mini-Display Port Cable), thanks!!

  • Wish it were that simple, many have mentioned disabling deep sleep does not solve the problem. I have an asus 165hz IPS monitor with the same issue, only difference is I cant wake the monitor by pressing a button on the panel.

  • I just want to confirm as well, disabling "Monitor Deep Sleep" did indeed work for me as well. I want to add that, even if you hilight 'disable' your not done yet. You need to press the right arrow button over it until the "checkmark" moves to disabled. Then it will work.

  • Hello

    I have found out, that while disabling "deep sleep" really solves the monitor wake up issue, it also makes it consume around 13W in standby! I am now trying to find out if this behaviour is only on my piece, or if this is normal on every unit. Can anyone measure it and report the results?

    Moreover, even when deep sleep is turned on, it takes 10 minutes for the monitor to finally consume only 0.5W after going to standby. It seems silly to me to have some 2 sleep modes, one consuming appropriate ammount of power when in standby, but not being able to wake up, and second being able to wake up, but consuming almost like being turned on. This is definitely an issue.