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U2414H being called HDTV?


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U2414H being called HDTV?

  • Thanks for the tip and the continuing support.

    I really wish that this would have been this simple but what you show here only applies for video not for application/games etc..

    Using that setting doesn't alter anything in windows or in any application.


  • Hi,

    does this problem still exist??? I am using Asus G750JX with gtx770m laptop. I just order the monitor due to discount. If i knew earlier, i would change my mine. Can i still cancel the order?

  • Hello, Chris, please understand that the problem with U2414H is more than just the color problem. I understand that if you connect the monitor through HDMI, the color range is limited by nvidia but there is a tool to unlock so that's not really a problem, the problem which Dell doesn't seem to care is that U2414H is having PROBLEMS with DP connection and ALL the computer are picking up the signal as HDTV not as PC, even the 2 biggest websites of monitors reviewers stated that there are some issues so i don't understand what is so hard for dell to actually look into it and clarify this. Sorry if i sound a bit aggressive but I'm tired seeing this <deleted profanity> going for months now, there is a issue, accept that and pass it along or try to ask the tech team if there is any news about this, and don't get me wrong, i appreciate that you are trying to help us all the time but i just see that Dell doesn't want to acknowledge that there is a problem with U2414H, i love Dell products, i want to use them! Thank you!

  • I find this a bit odd though. HDMI as I understand have had problems for a long time when using Nvidia as a graphiccard, AMD has solved this with an global switch for the colors (Doesn't solve the fact that the gpu treats the screen as a HDTV though). The problem with HDMI is that it's an "universal" connector and the resolution in this case is indeed a HDTV resolution (1080p) and this makes the gpu confused and relies on the EDID information from the monitor which in most cases will end up with an HDTV signal. Displayport as I know it is a PC exclusive connection and therefore the monitor should be treated as monitor not HDTV. It works for DVI which also are a PC exclusive connection. I will watch this closely since I've recently had an Eizo screen connected with Displayport and no problems there with the resolution and colors, so far this screen is the only monitor with these issues.

  • If Dell wont find any solution to this problem, I may as well cancel my order/ask for a refund, I am really eager to use this monitor as multi display setup. Looks like I have to find other alternative 

  • I can't believe it really, got my monitor few days ago and oh my god! With DP this monitor is literally unusable, no real problem with HDMI. Connect this monitor with both DP and HDMI, switch back and forth and it's very easy to see huge difference. With this problem I can't recommend this monitor to anyone until some kind of good fix will come out (if it will come out). 

  • Here is the AMD option to choose Full 0-255

  • It's great if it not a problem with amd, but how about nvidia users? Isn't majority of people use nvidia anyway (http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/videocard/), so it's kinda a deal breaker for a lot of people.

  • xammax90,

    As we stated earlier, it is not a problem. If the nvidia driver calls our monitor HDTV, you can still go in and change it to fill 0-255. Plus, when you open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display)- Color Settings and change the Input Color Format to RGB, the correct resolution is listed as 1920x1080 60Hz.

  • While the color issue and having to jump through hoops is disappointing, more frustrating to me is the displays not coming out of sleep as noted in the TFTCentral review. "One other issue was that the DisplayPort connections didn't seem to detect a signal if your PC was waking up from sleep, so you'd have to unplug and re-plug the cable sometimes to get the screen to display anything again. Alternatively you can power the screen fully off and on again via the power button which allows it to redetect the input again." Windows 8.1 Nvidia GTX 660 using 334.89 Pair of U2414H monitors chained via Displayport
  • As i mentioned in an earlier post these settings only apply to video. They will do nothing to your other applications/games & windows. The only time you will notice a difference is when you turn on a movie or whatever in Windows Media Player or another player.

  • The proper fix is this tool,  you must run it then select full color range, then restart for safe measure.

  • I wouldn't call that a proper fix, it's an hack for the registry to enable full RGB. The proper way should be sending the right information from the screen when using Displayport and also Nvidia enabling a setting which you can choose wether to go with limited or full RGB signal.

  • Does it help you? I used it first time I bought this monitor and still it works for hdmi but not DP. Clearly can see it while swithing back and forth HDMI/DP.

  • xammax90
    I used it first time I bought this monitor and still it works for hdmi but not DP.

    The thing is that this utility doesn't do anything to DP connection. Actually it only affects HDMI connection.

    See source code: