U2713H (not HM)...other calibration devices supported?


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U2713H (not HM)...other calibration devices supported?

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So I just heard about the new U2713H, and the built-in hardware calibration. I'm interested, but troubled by the fact that the documentation seems to suggest that the only calibration device supported is the i1Display Pro.

This seems confusing...anyone who's this serious about color management probably has at least a ColorMunki, if not an full-on i1Pro or i1Pro2. (I own an i1Pro, and have no interest in shelling out another $250 for an i1DisplayPro)

Samsung has a monitor (27B970) with similar internal calibration that supports all of these devices and more. Just wondering if anyone knows if any of these other devices are supported by the U2713H, or if it really is just limited to the i1DisplayPro. 'cause that stinks if it is, and there's nothing to recommend this over the U2711.

Anyone have any solid info in this regard?


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  • C'mon...there's nobody from Dell who can clarify what devices are supported or explain why only the i1DP is supported?

  • Yes, I am also very interested in the explanation of this "policy" because I just bought the U2713H and first, I was very delighted to install the "Color Calibration Solution Setup"—just to find out that only the X-Rite i1Display Pro is supported and my (very popular) Spyder 4 is not! Just because the app is developed by X-Rite, this cannot stay the only channel to access the U2713H's great possibility of hardware calibration! I truely hope that this part of the story is to be continued, and I thank you very much in advance...

  • gmikol,

    The X-Rite i1Display Pro Colorimeter calibration works only with i1Display Pro. This was a design choice made by X-Rite, not Dell. They have no plans to enable other sensors as it does not make business sense for them.

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  • Wow...I had given up on actually getting a response on this. Just logged on again...

    I'll close this thread after saying this:

    As X-Rite's customer, Dell should have (and still can) insist on other hardware support. Photographers, designers and others who are serious enough about color management to be considering this monitor will likely have some device that is *not* the i1 Display Pro. This is a fail on Dell's part, IMO. Not to mention the USB 3 hub issues.


  • I own the X-Rite EyeOne Display2, frankly this 'policy' is a total deal breaker.

  • Dear Chris,

    I totally cannot understand why supporting other X-Rite colorimeters wouldn't "make business sense" to X-Rite.

    Anyway, I have a datacolor Spyder 4—but I use Quato's iColor software for calibrating and profiling my monitors rather than datacolor's own software. So, why does it make business sense to Quato to support the Spyder 4?

    Now, I own a U2711 and a U2713H and I am very happy so far with what I got for the money—huge desktop space, high resolution, wide gamut and much more. It's quite obvious that the U2713H is aimed at photographers and graphic artists that require the extra precision, and many of these people already work with a colorimeter. However, hardware calibration is a cool feature that is usually only found in rather expensive monitors. Therefore, I was willing to spent some extra money (rather than buying a second U2711) to hardware-calibrate a "14-bit LUT (look-up table) via the Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software." Somehow, I took it for granted that sooner or later we will have a solution to hardware-calibrate the U2713H with any popular colorimeter. Does Dell seriously assume that the target customers (most of whom already owning a colorimeter) would buy a dedicated i1DisplayPro just for using a feature that all other manufacturers usually grant with any colorimeter?

    But why don't you turn it the other way around? If, let's say, the panel was manufactured by LG, then LG would use this panel in their own products as well and therefore also would have to provide a software solution to let their customers hardware-calibrate their monitor. And if they had a software supporting many different colorimeters, why wouldn't you negotiate with them to offer your customers this sofwtare as well?

    Thank you,