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U3011 + Retine MacBookPro = wrong color space (YPbPr instead of RGB)


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U3011 + Retine MacBookPro = wrong color space (YPbPr instead of RGB)

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I originally posted my problem on the Apple forums, thinking that it's an Apple issue, but the more I read, the more uncertain the situation is: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19002889#19002889?ac_cid=op123456#19002889

Basically, connecting the "Mini-DisplayPort > DisplayPort" cable to the RMBP's Thunderbolt port and U3011's DisplayPort although will produce a picture with the correct resolution @2560x1600, the color space pushed by the RMBP or recognized by U3011 is YPbPr, instead of the typical RGB for computer outputs, as seen in this thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2592283?start=0&tstart=0

The YPbPr space is impossible to calibrate using tools like X-rite's i1DisplayPro for color profile creation required for digital photography and video, rendering the above-mentioned screen and laptop combination useless for such purposes, which are the major selling point of Apple's MacBook Pros to begin with. 

Even though I tested and confirmed this issue only on the new RMBP that was just purchased, the problem is believed to be more widespread as it is related to the nature/design of Apple's TB interface and Dell's technology, as seen here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/19002897?ac_cid=tw123456#19002897 

At this point, it seems consumers are only given the choice of buying a Windows computer that works properly with U3011 or buying Apple's Thunderbolt Monitor that is compatible with their own MacBooks. But some users have asked, if Apple's Thunderbolt Monitor is possible to be displayed in RGB, why can't Dell's monitor do the same, as mentioned in this thread: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/peripherals/f/3529/t/19418573.aspx

Dell's response is: We don't test it with Apple products.

Apple's response is: We are usually silent on consumer concerns, if there is really a problem, it's usually the customers fault, such as not holding a phone correctly. (If one were to subscribe to conspiracy theory, Apple may have "designed" this incompatibility to push more sales of their own Thunderbolt Monitor?)

What does this leave the owners of Dell's U-series monitors and MacBookPros? I don't know yet. I'm one such customer. I have several U-series monitors. What should I do to them and the new shiny MacBook Pro?

Will some vendor or Dell miraculously step up to come up with a hardware or software solution, soon? Ever? 

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  • Are you saying that you cannot go into the monitor OSD (On Screen Display) -Color Settings -Input Color Format and choose RGB?

  • Hi same problem here only on U2711.

    You surely can go to menu and change Input Color Format to RGB, but this causes just absolutely crazy picture with negative-like colors.

    Anyway I`m returning my DELL as this is ridiculous, maybe its Apples fault, but Dell displays just doesn't work with Macbooks right now.

  • Same issue here with at 2012 MBP and Dell U3011.   I was using a 2008 MBP with dual DVI, but now the 2012 MBP with miniDP-DP cable does not work right with RGB color format. 

  • thunderbolt in MBPs do not seem to behave well with Dell ultrasharp series. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/peripherals/f/3529/p/19458525/20148889.aspx


    I have a U3011, and my MBP retina 15inch
    (10.8.2) only sends YPbPr space to the display via miniDP to DP cable instead of RGB. If I change the settings to RGB, the color is all funny looking. For all professional purposes this is useless. Nobody from Apple or Dell is willing fix this.


    U3011 only uses HDMI 1.3, so you won't get the full resolution. I also have used a mini-DP to dual-DVI adaptor. It gets RGB from MBP, the text is all garbled for anything above 1600x1000 .


    I am at my wits end.

  • I kind of hacked my way around and got my Dell U3011 to properly display RGB instead of YPbPr (or YCbCr) over a mini display port to display port cable for my MacBook Pro Retina 15"! WOOHOO! no need for that stupid $150 dual link dvi to mini displayport adapter anymore, which was incredibly flakey and sometimes the monitor turned on, and sometimes it didn't etc... lots of problems.

    Download the file from:

    unzip into:

    It will create a new directory called:

    Then reboot the system, and it should work. Go to system preferences, displays, color, and set the display profile to Color LCD.

    This will *ONLY* work for the Dell u3011 and it is completely UNTESTED. Use at your OWN RISK. But you should have proper RGB colors after doing this.

    Good luck!
  • I created an account on this site just to thank you. It worked perfectly!